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March 22 2012

Dick was great at correcting which I need because I get nervous sometimes and forget what he just explained. Within a day, Ozzie wasn't jumping on me. It took a little longer for him to get walking next to me but with consistency, he's improved immensely. Dick was very clear and animated, very engaging presentation. Would I recommend Bark Busters to my friends? Absolutely! No question! Well worth the money!

Andrea Mueller

March 22 2012

This was very good and lots of good advice on how to train our dogs.

Nancy Hankins

March 6 2012

Between the visual and hands-on, Dick made the training interesting and fun. Max is a different puppy. We can be a family and have fun. We are very much pleased with the natural training techniques. To be able to accomplish so much and such change without becoming physical with our dog is a blessing. Dick involved all six of us in the training and we all stayed focused and had fun. Our vet could not believe the difference and we are proud to have Max.

Dave & Susan Roth

February 22 2012

Dick wrote everything out so it was easy to remember. Many friends have commented that they already see improvement. No treat training or clicker...awesome. The training is interesting and enjoyable - easy to follow and well structured. We are very pleased with our progress and look forward to our next session.

John & Laurie Taylor
Forest Grove

February 16 2012

I understood all of the training we discussed. Phoebe did very well. I figured out right away what I was doing wrong. I think Phoebe will be much more relaxed when she's fully trained.

Donna & Jim Crawford

February 16 2012

There was a lot of information but it was broken down so that it wasn't overwhelming. My friends noticed right away. I understand the concepts and in time I'm sure it will all come together for me. The quick results I get from Katie, the older dog is awesome. The puppy tries my patience. I'm glad I took on this adventure.

Cinda & John Rima

February 14 2012

Dick gave us the tools to understand our dog's needs much better. He taught us the basics that we didn't realize could be so impactful.

Haley & Billy Thomas

February 3 2012

Dick's techniques made a lot of sense and it helped us understand dog behavior and how to manipulate it! Absolutely noticeable results! Dick's training has made a huge difference! Huge decrease on Daisy jumping, pulling clothes and growling. Dick is a very effective and passionate trainer. He helped us out so much and made the experience a lot of fun - an absolute pleasure to work with!

Jodi & Steve Hall
Forest Grove

January 22 2012

Dick was energetic and easy to follow. Our dogs were noticeably different the first evening. We had tried shock collars in the past only as a last solution before Bark Busters. It was interesting to hear about how a "pack" works and to see how our dogs understand how things work. We have neighbors whom we will recommend Bark Busters to.

Stacey & Jason Morrison

January 22 2012

Dick took time in the beginning of our meeting and during the training exercises to explain and correct the techniques. Our dogs have never been so calm. Practicing walking up the stairs practically brought us to tears with the first go. We like the fact that we don't need clickers or treat bags and that WE are the main training aids. Each training session brings us closer to our dogs. If anyone we know gets a dog, we will pass along Dick's information. Before the training we felt hopeless. Having Dick's positive reinforcement and guidance gave us renewed faith that we can have a healthy relationship with our dogs going forward.

Scott & Melissa Ellefson

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