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March 25 2009

Doug was amazing! By the end of the session, none of my three dogs were barking for attention. The one that showed aggression has been completely friendly since. We used to be afraid to have guests over. Now our dogs listen to us. I also like that Bark Busters allows us to still cuddle and love our dogs. I already told my mom to try it for her rot/terrier mix.

Morgan DeMuth

February 16 2009

We could not believe the change we saw and how quickly our dog responded. We had other trainers tell us, "good luck" on changing our dog's behavior. However, it was changed with ongoing Bark Busters training. If we did not understand something, Doug would go over it until we understood. We're glad we called Bark Busters, and definitely recommend them.

Richard Dunbar

January 20 2009

Wonderful job by the trainer.

Eddie Kassinger

January 20 2009

Photo of Chuck and Nancy Adkins's dog

The techniques are very effective and will be the only things that will work on our headstrong dog.

Chuck and Nancy Adkins

November 29 2008

Photo of Jim and Brenda Wallover's dog

My dog did a complete turnaround by the end of the lesson. The training techniques made so much sense and I liked the fact that I don't have to use treats, which made our dog fat. Doug was very clear and so professional while also being warm and friendly to our dog.

Jim and Brenda Wallover

November 1 2008

I was amazed at how quickly Mike responded to what Doug taught my husband and me. The program taught us how to communicate effectively with Mike. Now we feel even closer to him. Doug was wonderful. He really listened to our frustrations, and have already recommended Doug to one of my employees.

Colleen Dicken

October 11 2008

Photo of Stella Montgomery's dog

I had no idea that training my dog could be this easy. My dog responded immediately to the commands I was given by Bark Busters. She had already stopped jumping and scratching. I did not want to give treats and did not really want to use the word "No" and did not want to yell at her anymore. I am having fun teaching my dog. I love the way she responds and how I can have visitors. It was worth every penny.

Stella Montgomery

October 11 2008

Doug Rountree was very thorough and patient. I would recommend Mr. Rountree to anyone.

Kelley Wilson

September 24 2008

We saw immediate results. No physical harm or loud voices were used in the training. We are so pleased and so amazed at the wonderful improvement in only a week's time. Doug has called and we appreciate his follow up, and we feel at ease about calling him.

Pat and Jan Butler

September 12 2008

I never thought Pogo could be so good...especially so fast. He was like a new dog before Doug ever left. It was great not to have to scream or get physical to make Pogo do something. Bark Busters (esp. Doug) has made our lives so much happier. There is less stress with Pogo and with the whole family. I have told so many people already and have people come over just to see how good he is...they are amazed. It won't be so hard to find people willing to watch him now.

Megan Alvey

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