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September 13 2011

Our 1-year-old golden retriever rescue was fearful to earlier abuse. The natural training uses kindness and gentle reinforcement which has helped Joey become more secure as well as well behaved. Our trainer was kind and patient. Doug never tired of going over proper techniques until I fully understood and Joey responded appropriately.

Anne Smith

August 17 2011

Photo of Caitlyn Arquette's dog

Doug was great; so helpful every step of the way! Kipper is like a whole new dog!

Caitlyn Arquette

June 1 2011

Photo of Annette's dog

Doug Rountree is professional, personable, helpful, and understanding. Excellent therapist!


May 20 2011

Absolutely remarkable! Money well spent; I can't believe the results! I can't imagine a better dog training program--thanks, Doug.

Brad Frame

March 11 2011

Photo of Stephanie Hilbert's dog

We're excited at the progress our dog made on day one and can't wait for him to improve even more!

Stephanie Hilbert

March 11 2011

Photo of Mary Yarmuth's dog

Doug was a good teacher. He demonstrated the techniques very clearly, and my dog is responding to the commands. His behavior has changed, and the training techniques work better than using treats.

Mary Yarmuth

March 11 2011

Photo of Bill & Brenda Rupe's dog

The results were seen immediately at the end of the first day of training. We are very pleased with the techniques used to get the dog's attention, as nothing harmful was used. The training proved that 99% of the time it's the owner and not the dog that needs to be trained!

Bill & Brenda Rupe

March 3 2011

Photo of Cindy Schuler's dog

Bark Busters has been a great experience, and would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their dogs. I was very pleased with the natural training, as it is much better than treat training. We have enjoyed working with Doug and learning how to teach our dogs to behave, as we are on our way to a happier home.

Cindy Schuler

January 18 2011

Bark Busters was a great experience and very helpful. I enjoyed working with Doug. He is a great trainer.

Graham Stiff

December 31 2010

I LOVE Bark Busters. Before we worked with Doug, my Beagle Katy would become a demon dog whenever I left the house. I also worried about how to best train her because her previous owner abused her, so I wanted a trainer who would be especially sensitive and gentle with her. As soon as I started using Bark Busters' methods to help give her healthy boundaries, my very quiet and laid back (sometimes fearful) Katy learned to be happy and content-even when I'm not there. It also helped bring a lot of trust to our relationship. Doug not only helped me teach Katy to be independent, but his simple explanations and encouragement gave me the skills I needed to be the leader in our home while building Katy's confidence. Thanks to Doug and Bark Busters! You guys are the best!

Christina Wong

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