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November 21 2009

Jeff and Cathy were very professional, flexible and effective. We even achieved demonstrated results from owner via remote video link. We thank you both and keep up the wonderful work! (Initial session was done via computer link with Mike in Australia)

Sarah and Mike Moore

July 22 2009

My husband and I were very distressed by our dogs, Nacho and Lulu, 1 and 2 year old Havanese, barking and other behaviors. Jeff and Cathy taught us how to be calm and correct these behaviors. Our dogs seemed more relaxed and responded very well to the training. I was amazed at the progress we made in just one session. Jeff and Cathy are terrific!

Monica & Phil Mancuso

May 18 2009

I was amazed! Louie had a very bad barking problem, but his response to the commands was remarkable. I have mentioned Bark Busters to several friends and will continue to do so. I realize the training session is not a quick fix but Louie is so much better. I am thrilled! We will continue to work together on his training.

Carol Wolfgang

May 18 2009

I was so pleased because my puppy would only listen to my husband. Now she listens to both of us! ~ Pinot:3m F American Bulldog Mix ~ Barking all night, Not Listening to Erin

Erin Wamboldt

May 18 2009

Cathy's chart and voice were easy to follow. All three of my dogs would not pass the invisible boundary I set up for them in regards to visitors arriving at my front door. I was very happy with the natural training methods, I had not been comfortable with the other methods I had researched before hiring Bark Busters. It was interesting to finally see how I has been confusing my dogs. We were at our wits end and now I have the tools to be able to have three dogs and three kids and actually have time for myself!

Julie Rodriguez

July 18 2008

Jeff and Cathy have helped me in so many ways. I have used their services for both my business and my puppy. I am a pet sitter and have called them so many times for advice to help myself and my clients with issues concerning their animals.

Chris Barlow

June 20 2008

Rusty was not pulling me on the leash and was more attentive. It just makes sense to "speak" dog language. Both Rusty and I were exhausted with quite a workout, but it was a good tired. The trainers [Jeff and Cathy] were patient and great teachers. I am very grateful.

Deb Z.

June 2 2008

Jeff and Cathy did an excellent job by clearly showing how effective the training techniques are. Buc was responding to the techniques by the end of the training session. It was amazing! Everything they taught me and Buc made perfect sense. The natural training techniques are incredibly useful. We look forward to practicing the techniques daily.

John M.

April 7 2008

Jeff and Cathy were very helpful and clear in teaching their techniques. Our dog responded immediately, it was like night and day. We had a completely different dog. It's nice to communicate with our dog. The training is fun and interesting. Bark Busters is an outstanding program and we highly recommend it. Thank you very much. We appreciate your continued help!

Darcy D. & Gavin G.

March 19 2008

It was helpful to have a presentation that discussed the techniques before they were demonstrated. Our dogs seemed almost a little confused at first but then understood maybe quicker than us - the owners. We were surprised how simple the methods are. We appreciate that the training methods are effective without any physical force. Jeff and Cathy are extremely pleasant and very patient, as well as easy to understand. This training program was very expensive for us, quite a bit out of our budget, but we feel very good about our decision to use Bark Busters. (Casper: 8y Chihuahua; Bandit: 8y boxer mix; aggression towards dogs whining for attention, especially in the car, answering the door, jumping on guests)

Lisa & Rick H.

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