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July 27 2006

Barry was excellent in explaining techniques. We were a bit overwhelmed with everything, but we pulled through! Wonderful results! We even put our dog Abby to the ultimate test that same evening with pizza delivery. She ACED it!! YEAH!! We chose Bark Busters because of the natural training techniques. Our problem was how to implement them. We were so proud and impressed with Abby's responses, and laughed and had a good time with Barry. We would recommend Bark Busters because of the most obvious: immediate results and a happier calmer puppy and a happier calmer family!! Thanks, Barry!

Jennifer P.
Locust Grove, GA

July 20 2006

Barry was very informative and personable. He made the training very interesting and enjoyable!We would strongly recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors!

Katie & Matt S.
Sharpsburg, GA

June 7 2006

Barry was Awesome! Our dog responded immediately to him. He explained everything very well and continues to be very supportive during subsequent training. Our home is so much calmer now that we have a puppy who behaves!

Celine P.
Fayetteville, GA

June 7 2006

We were very happy with the thorough presentation and behavioral lessens given. Our dog Samuel responded quickly to Barry's technique. Working with the whole family has been an added plus! Highly recommended! Thank you, Don, Judy, Haylie, Sarah, and yes, Samuel.

Don & Judy E.
McDonough, GA

June 7 2006

Barry is very friendly and patient. The dogs respond to him well and his instruction has made our training process very painless. We have 5 dogs that we could not have in the same space. After training, we are all a "happy family" Thank you! Kudos!

Lisa C.
Locust Grove, GA

June 6 2006

Jessica explained everything so well that even my ten year old son found the techniques interesting and understands how to follow-up with the training. We saw results immediately! The Bark Buster training seemed very natural and "made good sense". The total experience has been very enjoyable! I have already made recommendations to co-workers and nieghbors! THANKS A BUNCH!!

Allison B.
Peachtree City, GA

May 11 2006

Within the first 5 minutes, I was amazed at how easy this was going to be for me and my THREE dogs! Barry took away my fears and anxieties. In the first 15 minutes I began to see results and I was able to carry it through with my training after Barry left! I would say yes!yes!yes! that I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters! Everything I was doing to gain control of my dogs before Bark Busters was exhausting. Now it's a walk in the park, Literally! My family and friends can not believe these are the same dogs only one week later! Worth every penny! Two days after Barry left, my husband said that we didn't pay him enough!

Shannon S.
Tyrone, GA

May 8 2006

Barry explained everything right off the bat in terms of "thinking like a dog," and the importance of pack leadership. Using commands in a way a dog would understand, it made perfect sense. Within 5 minutes, it was almost as though we had a different dog. The natural training methods seem much more effective than yelling and bribing with treats. The time during our first session flew by and we were given valuable information I didn't expect. I believe that if Bark Busters can work for Winston, it can work on any dog. I am almost embarassed we didn't do anything like this sooner. Bark Busters was definitely the answer we were looking for!

Shelby S.
Peachtree City, GA

April 25 2006

Barry was extremely calm & patient not only with our dog Luci, but with me and Adam, as well. He explained thoroughly what Bark Busters is all about, dog psychology and the steps that we needed to take to become the "alpha." We could tell a big difference in just one session!

Krista D.- Newnan, GA
Newnan, GA

April 25 2006

Thank you for your help! We are very impressed with the behavior we are seeing from Willy and Boomer. We can't wait to invite people over to our house again! (Especially those that saw our "confused" dogs before Bark Busters!)

Amy C.
Newnan, GA

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