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April 25 2006

I had a dog that was uncontrollable on leash, who lunged at cars, has been aggressive towards people and dogs! Now he is not! I was a morning away from putting this dog down. Now he is a quiet member of our family. I also have a puppy that is on the road to being obediant!

Paula H.
Fayetteville, GA

April 25 2006

My Dakota was one year old when she came from the shelter. The first two weeks Dakota would sit by the door and bark at anything that moved. She was hyper and demanded a great deal of attention. After Barry's first visit, she became an ANGEL! Now, Dakota stays away from the door and most of the time sits quietly by my side. I'm impressed with her improvement after only one visit and I owe it all to Bark Busters!

Sonia R.
Fayetteville, GA

April 25 2006

Barry is great, and I have a well-behaved puppy because of Bark Busters! Worth every penny!

Kimberly M.
Senoia, GA

April 25 2006

Before Barry came to work with Patch and I, I hated to have company. Patch was very aggressive when someone came to the door, and his barking was almost intolerable. Within the first hour of our session, Barry had helped me understand and start to resolve Patch's behaviors. I was so impressed, I called a friend that evening to recommend Bark Busters to her!

Wendy C.
Atlanta, GA

April 25 2006

Barry was very nice and patient in teaching us the proper way to train our Wiemereiner puppy, Ozzie. He was very thorough and there was a difference in Ozzie in the first 5 minutes. Thank you, Barry!

Shaun & Christy E.
Ellenwood, GA

April 25 2006

Barry was very good with all the training techniques and always had answers to my problems. Trust me - Ruger is becoming a very well mannered English Bulldog thanks to the Bark Busters training!

Joy K.
Newnan, GA

April 19 2006

We gave Barry what we thought was a challenge: to help us get control over not one but two dogs; a 5-year-old and a 16-month-old minature schnauzers. We were amazed that by the end of the first lesson, we could actually get to the front door without a riot. The program works as advertised and Barry is very very good at training dogs and owners.

Laura H.
Peachtree City, GA

April 19 2006

Barry was excellant at helping us "understand" why Brewster was behaving as he was. His clear explanation of "pack behavior" continues to be invaluable to us as we use the techniques we learned during our first session. I can already see Brewster "learning" his place in the pack. He's responding well to our BAHHH and is not dragging us around on his leash. I think more than anything else though, Barry gave us (first time dog owners) the confidence we needed to properly handle our rambunctious boxer. He gave us the tools that were easy to use and instructions that made sense and helped us not to be so timid with Brewster. That alone has made all the difference!

Lara T.
Fayetteville, GA

April 19 2006

Fabulous program! Mathews behavior was transformed after one training session. I will definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends. Thank you so much!

Jennifer M.
Fayette County, GA

April 19 2006

Dutch responded immediately to the Bark Busters training. It was amazing to see Barry anticipate exactly what Dutch would do next. Every method he taught us has worked beautifully!

Cheryl D.
Tyrone, GA

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