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February 10 2016

Jessica Westmoreland dealt with: Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Separation Anxiety
Photo of Amanda D.'s dog

Barry's advice and training is exactly what my Husband I are looking for to help or rescue dog, Wiley, cope with his separation anxiety and become a good canine citizen.

Amanda D.
Hampton, Georgia

November 22 2015

Jessica Westmoreland dealt with: Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Puppy Management Recall or not coming when called Other

It had been over 50 years since my husband had been around a puppy and almost 20 years for me. I read everything I could find, bought books and watched videos. The more I watched the more opinions I got. I finally found Barry Bark Busters and decided we needed an in home visit, especially because my husband and I had differing opinions. Barry’s techniques were easy for Bindi to understand & showed her how to behave in a way an adult dog would teach her. Bindi was 12 weeks old and wasn’t finished with her vaccinations so the in-home visit was perfect for her and stopped some behaviors before they were deeply ingrained. She completely gets our corrections now and nothing is forced on her. Once she understands, she is more than happy to please. Barry is exceptional in his knowledge and understanding of dogs and people. I would recommend anyone having behavior problems or needs basic pack leadership issues to call Barry & Jessica Sechler.

Sharon K.
Stockbridge, Georgia

August 2 2011

Barry, Thank you for your fabulous training sessions! We have really learned a lot and have been able to enjoy our wonderful dog R.J. even more! The visit to the farm was a great experience! We will be sure to recommend you and Bark Busters to anyone we know who may be in need of training. Thanks again to you and Jessica!

Jen, Matt, & R.J.

January 13 2011

Photo of Mike's dog

Barry is a fantastic trainer. First he trains the humans. Then coaches the humans how to be consistent and follow the program. It just plain works if you remain diligent and consistent. Thank you Barry.

Peachtree City

April 11 2008

IT WAS AMAZING! The training was very eye opening. Little things we would have never figured out by ourselves. We have already recommended Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors! Thank you, Jessica!

Lisa Cover

February 14 2008

Barry was prompt and professional and our puppy (Murphy) responded so well to Barry (and us) during the program session. The program was easy to follow and very well done. Murphy was much calmer and well behaved the next day. We were so tired and frustrated with our own attempts before Bark Busters and now using the Bark Buster techniques, we have an immediate response without all of us getting upset. Our time with Barry was very well spent. He is excellent in his delivery and training. We enjoyed his time with us and so did Murphy and it was easy to discuss training which made it very worthwhile. We're AMAZED by the success of the program and have told lots of folks. We can certainly see why Barry and Jessica with Bark Busters is so often recommended!

Kim Corcoran
Peachtree City

January 31 2008

The results were AMAZING! In less than a week, my 6-month-old puppy is better behaved and responding to my commands. I've already been bragging about the Bark Busters program. I liked Barry's emphasis on the importance of socialization and look forward to Barry bringing his dogs to help Sundance interact with other dogs. I also love the lifetime guarantee in case we need further help in the future.

Jill Entrekin
Peachtree City

January 30 2008

The trainer explained everything about the techniques and was patient with all our questions. Our number one issue of barking was DEFINITELY under control by the time Barry left. I was very pleased with the results. Understanding how my dog thinks makes working with him so much easier. The entire family enjoyed the training and is involved by helping each other with the proper techniques. I honestly did not expect all of the goals I set for our dog Bon-Bon to be met, but they have been. Once Barry showed us how to establish ourselves as the "pack leader," he minds us and is a better pet in every aspect. Bark Busters truly provides a priceless service.

Julie Bozeman

May 25 2007

I truly did not think that a two-hour lesson could do anything for our dogs, but it did !! Very pleased.

Debbie Harty

March 21 2007

I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone because of the proven techniques and great support! Jessica and Barry have been very responsive to our calls and questions. With their help we are confident that Taz's issues will be resolved and she will be a GREAT pet! We greatly appreciate Jessica's patience and willingness to help by telephone even before our first session and we had a written agreement.

Tricia Perry
Fayetteville, GA

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