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March 5 2012

Photo of Melissa & Justin Scire's dog

I honestly don't know how we ever survived before meeting Jim when it came to our dogs. A stubborn bunch, our four little furry kids (Angel - Sheltie, Romeo - Long Hair Chihuahua, Juliet - Malipoo, and Prince - Lhasa Apso are as sweet as they are sassy. In my moments of exhaustion, discontent, and frustration, Jim has always been there for us offering mind blowing results by helping us to instill confidence in ourselves as leaders and by teaching us that love and leadership don't have to be enemies of one another. He helped us constantly to learn the dog language we need make positive changes that benefit both us and our dogs. Because of Jim, we are able to understand our dogs in a way I never thought was possible. He is one of the most kind and caring people you will ever meet and his love of dogs is written all over his face. His techniques are responsive, showing changes minutes in to training and they have lasting effects when put into regular practice and rotation. We now have a peaceful home where barking, biting, chewing, and aggressive behavior are not taking over and that is all because of Jim, Dog Training God Extraordinaire!

Melissa & Justin Scire

March 5 2011

Our 3 chihuahuas were driving us crazy. Something had to be done. Jim came in and showed us how we were the cause of most of the bad behavior. Our 5 pound dogs ruled the house and trained us to do their bidding. With Jim's expert help he has showed us how to take back control of our home and become the leaders. I can't say enough of how Jim helped us out. In just one visit he was able to control the dogs barking at the doorbell and to walk like normal dogs outside. Kids on bikes....no problem! It was amazing. Thanks so much Jim and Bark Busters!

Jaime Ibarra

December 28 2009

Jim was great!!!! Bella was like a different puppy by the end of the session. I have already recommended Jim to several friends!

Debbie T.

December 28 2009

Jim explained the training techniques clearly and made the training interesting and enjoyable. We saw immediate results with our puppy at the first lesson and we were happy with the training techniques used. We will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to friends.

Bill and Dot R.

December 28 2009

I enjoyed the training as Jim made it fun and interesting. I saw absolutely AMAZING results in the first session. The training techniques were very easy to follow and Jim left clear instructions on what I should work on. I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to others.

Fran P.

December 28 2009

Jim was very good at making sure we did everything correctly and he was really helpful. My dog was very responsive to the commands and the corrections. I liked that there were no physical corrections involved and no treats or no yelling at or hitting my dog. I will definitely tell family and friends about your techniques and how simple and effective they are. What a great session! THANKS!!!

Nerissa M.

August 17 2009

Absolutely AMAZING!

Vanessa L.

August 2 2009

Jim was great at explaining the training techniques and it he made it fun and interesting. I saw immediate results with Hundy at the initial lesson. The next day I took him to work and he was totally different. He used to bark incessantly when someone came into the office and would try to bite anyone who would come close to me, and did bite a few times. This time he sat still and was quiet. His focus was on me, not the visitors to my office. When he would look at the visitors I would verbally correct him and he immediately focused back on me. He was 99% better.....maybe I should say I was better!!! Thanks Jim, I will recommend Bark Busters to anyone who has a dog with issues!

Christine K.

July 30 2009

Jim explained the training techniques clearly to me and my family and we were happy with the training techniques he taught us. We saw improvement by the end of the lesson and we have and will continue to recommend Jim to neighbors and friends.

Kathleen H.

July 30 2009

Jim Lory was excellent!!! Both Kristina and I were nervous at the start but Jim reassured us with examples and showed us how to handle things with our dogs. It was a GREAT EXPERIENCE and we'll be sure to recommend him to anyone who has dogs and needs assistance.

Todd G.

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