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July 18 2007

I wanted to wait several weeks before sending back the survey to make sure my dogs were still obeying and responding to the training. The results have been unbelievable and you would think I only have one dog instead of six as it is so quiet! WOW!

Diane Clark, vet technician

July 11 2007

The training was very easy to follow. By the time Jim left, my puppy had learned to sit/stay, come to me, and was much calmer and quiet. I had entertained the idea of purchasing and using a bark collar, however, I now know I can control his barking without the use of physical contact and I really prefer that. The training experience was interesting and I have already referred Jim to my parents.

Michael Geddie

July 11 2007

Jim was great at explaining not only how I should correct my dog but also why. I noticed much improvement and Jim is coming back for more sessions. Jim did a great job at making the training enjoyable and interesting. I love the great service and life of the dog guarantee and will recommend Bark Busters.

Melissa Tomb
Winter Garden

July 7 2007

Jim explained the training techniques and we noticed results with both of our labs. The training was interesting and enjoyable and very flexible as it matches style with each dog. I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to family and friends.

Dawn Taggart

July 7 2007

Jim was very thorough and very clear in explaining the training techniques. We were pleased with the natural training techniques (no yelling, hitting or abuse of the dogs) and we saw noticeable results by the end of the training session. We will recommend Jim Lory and Bark Busters to friends and co-workers.

Rebecca and Todd Morgan

July 3 2007

My dog was very responsive. At first blush, I thought the fee was a lot for a dog, but there is great value in the potential to use the training experience to train our other dogs. I would recommend Jim and Bark Busters as I was pleased by the natural training techniques and very happy with the noticeable results I saw by the end of the session.

Becky E.

June 21 2007

Jim explained the training techniques clearly and we saw immediate results with our 4 dogs. The training was interesting, educational and enjoyable and I am recommending Jim to friends and customers who come into our vet clinic. Thanks!

Amy and Brian Y., vet technician
Winter Park

June 18 2007

Jim was very thorough in explaining the training techniques to me and I was pleased to see IMMEDIATE RESULTS with my dogs. I found the training to be interesting and enjoyable and I am pleased with the natural, non-physical approach. I am recommending Jim and Bark Busters as I feel the the service is very effective and Jim is very enjoyable and personable too.

Julie Polish

June 8 2007

We were really surprised at how simple it was to have our dog listen to us and we found out some valuable ways of keeping our big Golden Retriever, Fuzzy Dog, from jumping and knocking people down. The 2-hour training session helped my husband and me greatly and Fuzzy Dog was responding well to both of us by the end of the session. I certainly would recommend Jim Lory and Bark Busters. We had taken our dog to Pet Smart but had very few lasting results and this program really works. Thanks!!

Janet and Jack Myers
Winter Garden

June 4 2007

I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters because of the quick positive results I noticed right away.

Jennifer C.

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