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April 5 2012

WELL WORTH THE MONEY! The training techniques were concise, direct and reinforced in several ways and precisely demonstrated. I observed absolutely amazing results after 3 hours, after which the results continued to be demonstrated by both dogs. June and Colin's communication skills and technique of conveying my role as "pack leader" and their personalities made the training experience interesting and enjoyable. I would be happy to recommend Bark Busters (already have) and am also 100% absolutely happy for you to use my comments in a testimonial.

Jane Johanos

April 4 2012

Excellent in every single aspect. Both Colin and June together make for a great team!

Jim Glionna

March 27 2012

30-45 minutes after training, Bruce had a vet's appointment. At the end of the visit, the Dr said Bruce was a totally different dog! Amazingly practical training!

Taylor & Davina Hartsfield

March 22 2012

I thought training a deaf puppy was going to be difficult, but you guys made it a walk in the park! This new collar is working really well with him and getting his attention. Also, the sit-stay technique is working great. I was extremely pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters! The training was very interesting and enjoyable - even for my puppy! I always recommend you guys, especially to the customers at work!! Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate what you do, and my puppy thanks you as well. Together, we have a better understanding of each other.

Sara DeSimone, Vet Tech

March 21 2012

June and Colin were clear, concise and effective in their presentation. We look forward to our continuing relationship.

Ellen Salzberg

March 14 2012

Colin and June were fabulous. A lot of improvement in no barking, not jumping up and much better outdoor behavior with other dogs and moving vehicles. Colin and June were very professional, engaging and made sure we understood our role in a very nice way.

Bonnie Brisky

March 13 2012

We are amazed at how quickly the dogs learned how to walk at our sides with the check collars. Love the fact that your techniques do not hurt the dogs in any way.

Deanna Ball

March 6 2012

We were amazed by the way Benji reacted immediately.

Don & Tish Frankenberger

March 1 2012

After only two days, Murphy is responding to training techniques very well.

Doug Bauckham

February 29 2012

Exceeded expectations significantly.

Mea & Rick Assini

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