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June 11 2011

June and Colin are very enjoyable and easy people to get along with; very nice people. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable, and I would recommend Bark Busters.

Deanna Grimm
Everglades City

June 6 2011

The collar Samsun now wears made him react much better. The collar was a wonderful purchase. June and Colin are great together with their teamwork. When working with Samsun they made it look easy. I'm looking forward to my next follow-up.

Steven C. Worthington
Golden Gates

June 5 2011

Great couple, very experienced and knowledgeable.

Manuel & Sheila Reyes

May 27 2011

The training techniques were explained in a way that was easy to follow and understand, and answered all of our questions. I observed noticeable results by the end of just one lesson - I was amazed. He was sitting, staying and coming when called. We were both impressed and pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters, and we found the training experience to be both interesting and enjoyable. We would certainly recommend Bark Busters to our friends.

Bonnie L. Piper

May 20 2011

Very user-friendly, patient, eloquent and approachable. A great insight into bringing discipline in a reasonable manner to the home. Also great that follow-up happens a few days later.

Jane Wood

May 19 2011

June and Colin did more in a few hours than we thought possible. Excellent.

Bernice & Jerry Bobruff

May 14 2011

The dog was great with June and Colin and I believe he will do better with my training.

Dorothy Walton

May 2 2011

Pure genius, what a wonderful way to train "Bella" and her owners. Thank you, Colin and June - Mary and I are now able to communicate clearly with "Bella"; your passion and knowledge is very much appreciated! Looking forward to your second visit next week!

Peter Haestier

April 30 2011

My anxiety over my dog's anxiety has been greatly diminished by the professionalism of June and Colin.

Jimbo Dejacimo

April 30 2011

Thank you for a good night's sleep. No more sleepless nights!

Libby Anderson

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