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December 23 2010

Excellent on all counts - I would recommend Bark Busters.

Ann Scott

December 18 2010

Excellent in every single aspect. We really enjoyed the fact that the training involves so much interaction on OUR part!

Natalee F. Pischner
Golden Gates

December 14 2010

Great! My dog slept through the night for the first time in weeks - and NO barking!

Margaret Westie

December 9 2010

June and Colin are very likable and a wealth of information!

Francis Pischner

December 9 2010

Excellent - I would recommend Bark Busters.

Ed Carroll

December 3 2010

The training techniques were very easy to understand and modeled clearly - excellent effective teaching. It was quickly evident that our dog is "teachable" and it was also evident that our dog had trained us!!! The natural training techniques applied were both humane and appropriate, and the whole training experience was both interesting and enjoyable. The time went by so quickly; there was much to observe and learn. I would recommend Bark Busters as this experience is bringing peace to our household!

Louise Snyder

December 1 2010

We were so impressed with our dog's improved behavior I have mentioned Bark Busters to at least 10 people already!

Doug & Kimberly Whittemore
Marco Island

November 10 2010

We saw in our first day how well our dogs had begun to advance. We do have friends that could use your technique of training. We are excited to see firsthand the behavior changes in our puppies.

Donna Harrington
Marco Island

November 9 2010

Very effective training tips. Sophie is doing great!

Wendy Warren

November 6 2010

Colin and June were terrific and very patient with Tasha. She loved them.

Patricia F. Smith

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