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October 26 2010

We were amazed with how well the training worked with Otis and Hunter too. The dogs are transformed. Thank you.

Elizabeth Hazelbaker

October 23 2010

First session very informative. Highly professional, kind trainers. Gave me and my family the tools for training properly. Very happy I found Bark Busters.

Dr. Dawn Arena

September 17 2010

Being a lifelong dog owner, I have never felt more confident in training than I do after this experience. Understanding the way dogs think and behave has made all the difference! Thank you!!

Pamela Ouaou

September 11 2010

Photo of Dennis & Susan Huff's dog

We were worried that it would be stressful, but it wasn't, except Chance was a little surprised to not be the leader. Even after the first session, we saw improvements. Instead of losing our temper, now we understand how to get the dog to do what we want. It is great to know there is an effective way to train a dog without cruelty.

Dennis & Susan Huff

September 2 2010

I observed noticeable results by the end of the first lesson - I was reminded what a great dog he is. It has been so much better since we started with Bark Busters. It really feels like Otis is part of the family again!

Maggie McAuliffe

August 28 2010

Very professional-noticed improved behavior immediately. I have already recommended Bark Busters to one friend in Naples, and another in Massachusetts.

Deb Welch

August 14 2010

Great system that really works!

Lorrie Lavery

August 10 2010

I am so happy and relieved - this is a miracle.

Sharyn W. Shubert

August 2 2010

It was a very wonderful experience. And the dog was happy - I would advise anyone with a dog to have June and Colin Glass as trainers.

Mildred O'Brien

July 9 2010

Excellent on all counts - we found the training both interesting and enjoyable, and would recommend Bark Busters. June had some creative ideas that were very helpful!

Jeanette Esposito
Marco Island

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