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December 14 2009

We have already recommended Colin and June to our neighbors. Not only are they excellent at what they do, but they are lovely people. The whole exercise was a pleasure and a success.

Diane and Kevin Hellyer

December 5 2009

Excellent! I can't wait to tell my neighbors!

Margaret Selby

December 5 2009

Excellent in every respect, and I appreciated the written materials provided. At first glance the training concepts appeared too easy to be effective. My two miniature schnauzers immediately changed their behavior at the front door. Two deliveries and a contractor appeared at the door one hour after the session completed. These were not the same barking and jumping animals that greeted the trainers.

Sharon Hallberg

November 18 2009

We saw a night and day difference from the start to finish of our first visit. Amazing!!

Cathy Rust

November 14 2009

Very clear, precise instruction and explanation of technique, and I observed noticeable results by the end of the first lesson as Mickey is already sitting and staying on command. I especially like that they do not use treats, and so enjoyed the very interesting techniques that really work. Mickey is already a calmer, more relaxed dog (after just one lesson). He still has a long way to go, but is listening and seems willing to comply.

Robin Korte

November 13 2009

Good presentation - very comprehensive. Colin and June are very pleasant and knowledgeable.

Carolyn Weinand

November 12 2009

June and Colin are excellent teachers and the simple training method is easy to learn. I was amazed at how much progress was made in just one lesson. I have a new dog! Thanks.

Geraldine Larsen

November 5 2009

By the end of the very first lesson I saw amazing results! At first I found some of the training techniques kind of strange, but they really work!

Grace Stafford

October 30 2009

The training methods are easy to understand and my dog responded to them immediately.

Barbara Henneman

October 23 2009

June and Colin are terrific. We were stunned by the immediate progress we witnessed. So much better than treat-based programs.

Charlie Grau

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