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January 12 2010

Photo of Sybil Moushegian's dog

A transformation occurred in the session - complete change in behavior. This natural method is beneficial, most enjoyable and full of knowledge. My Alyssa is now acting as one would like a canine to behave - one session!!!

Sybil Moushegian

January 8 2010

My husband and I are very impressed with the program, and the professionalism exhibited by June and Colin. It is already working!

Nancy Winkler
Golden Gate City

December 22 2009

I was very pleased with your training and hoping for a well-trained puppy.

Pat O'Shea

December 19 2009

Very professional presentation, and it was a relief to see Luci respond so quickly. The training experience was definitely both interesting and enjoyable. I will be recommending Bark Busters a lot more - not just for overall problem dogs, but for those with one or two small problems. My husband really wanted to find a new home for Luci, but now, after our training session, he is committed to working with her and really making her a part of the family! Yes!

Dr Risa R Moore
Affordable Petcare Hospital, Naples

December 19 2009

I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. In just one session, Colin and June have given me the tools to better communicate with my "girls"!

Jewell Harris

December 16 2009

Excellent! The visual aids and the hands-on training in conjunction with the instructions were all helpful when learning the training techniques. I just hope I am able to train as efficiently as Colin and June - they were wonderful with Daisy. I was extremely pleased to have gained the understanding of the "canine perspective." Colin and June are very personable and easy to learn from - I've had only one training day so far - I hope all the rest are as informative and enjoyable as the first.

Kris Dossinger

December 14 2009

We have already recommended Colin and June to our neighbors. Not only are they excellent at what they do, but they are lovely people. The whole exercise was a pleasure and a success.

Diane and Kevin Hellyer

December 5 2009

Excellent! I can't wait to tell my neighbors!

Margaret Selby

December 5 2009

Excellent in every respect, and I appreciated the written materials provided. At first glance the training concepts appeared too easy to be effective. My two miniature schnauzers immediately changed their behavior at the front door. Two deliveries and a contractor appeared at the door one hour after the session completed. These were not the same barking and jumping animals that greeted the trainers.

Sharon Hallberg

November 18 2009

We saw a night and day difference from the start to finish of our first visit. Amazing!!

Cathy Rust

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