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July 29 2009

All the explanations were clear, reiterated and written down and then worked on with my dog. We noticed results the very first day..as did the postal worker and neighbors and friends. They all thought it was incredible! It is a great way to train in a way that my dog understands. It is great to have my dog respond to me and obey me- it adds to the quality of our relationship and mutual affection.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

May 22 2009

Ken was Great...very easy to follow the instructions he gave us. My only suggestions would be to break the first lesson into smaller time time increments.

Walker, Michigan

April 23 2009

The training was very complete and understandable. Nippy responds to the growl- is a lot less jumpy and starting to come when called. I find it very easy and much better than using discipline and rewards! It was fun to see her respond to such simple techniques. I already have told everyone at work about Bark Busters.

Alto, Michigan

April 3 2009

I was a little worried about the growling techniques at first but it defiantly worked. It is amazing to watch the transition. I would recommend to anyone with a challenging puppy. Great Experience!

Cascade, Michigan

February 7 2009

The results we obtained with Star were nothing short of a miracle! We love your methods!!!

Grand Rapids, Michigan

December 19 2008

Mr DeBoer was very detailed in his explanations and answered our questions so we could completely understand. We noticed a change in some of Dasha's behaviors right away thanks to the training that we learned. We really like the training done by Bark Busters as it is a very effective way to train our dog. We are very pleased with the results that we have achieved with Dasha.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

November 24 2008

I could not believe how good Cody responded to the Growl. Cody liked to go outside on his leash and bark for no reason. That stopped immediately!! The training techniques were easier than I thought and they made sense. Ken was very patient and very thorough. His return visit was also very helpful, with even more hints on training.

Byron Center, Michigan

October 16 2008

I noticed results with Landen after the first training session! I was very happy there was no physical/yelling with the training. I have recommended Bark Busters to several clients already.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

August 21 2008

Appreciate Ken's tips and techniques. He's helping us get our strong-willed puppy under control!

Grand Rapids, Michigan

August 11 2008

Ken was very thorough in explaining the training techniques. Amazed by the results..recommended Bark Busters to my friends who have dogs.

Wyoming, Michigan

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