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July 29 2008

The hands on instructions were wonderful. Our dog was finally showing respect and actually listening. Everything made so much sense as Ken taught us how to work with the dog. The training is awesome- we talked about it with friends all weekend long. Thank you so much.

Byron Center, Michigan

July 16 2008

Ken would tell me what to do- show then allow me to try it. I learned a lot-Things I already had heard of but I learned concrete ways to approach the behavior. Ken was very friendly, easy to talk and ask questions to- very professional.

Ada, Michigan

July 14 2008

The training was easy to follow with explanations, demonstrations and hands on practice. We are pleased with the natural training since no physical or painful methods were used to achieve our goals. Understanding the why and action of Apollo's behavior brings more joy for ourselves and our Doberman.

Comstock Park, Michigan

June 11 2008

Ernie continues to make progress daily. He was at the groomer's last week and even his groomer remarked on his improved behavior. He now comes to us when we call him -- a major accomplishment. But, by far, the most astonishing thing is that I can pick him up without him biting me. We are extremely happy with your work and Ernie's progress, words cannot express it.

Mike & Sue J.
Grand Rapids

June 10 2008

Belle responded immediately. I am 67, and I can still be trained because it is so easy.

Judy V.H.

June 10 2008

We have already recommended Bark Busters to friends because we had great results. Dozer has come around nicely. He knows his place in the family and acts a lot less stressed. I do love him more than before.

Ronnie C.

June 10 2008

It's easy on our dog, not harsh or abusive.

Nancy C.
Grand Rapids

June 10 2008

The program and trainers are awesome! Easy and effective techniques that actually work!

Marilyn L.

June 10 2008

I was actually amazed -- especially with my Yorkie, who was the current leader of our pack. A little more that 24hrs has passed since our first training. My home is already 100% more peaceful. I cannot believe my dog's response to me as a leader. It is like they were waiting for that all along. My Yorkie is much calmer and my Daisy dog seems much less nervous. I actually stood in awe as they watched out the window at squirells in the yard. Neither of them barked. They just watched peacefully! Even my neighbor sees a difference. I also appreciated Ken's desire to make sure I knew that I could still "spoil" my dogs but as their leader, not their follower.

Joann B.
Grand Rapids

June 10 2008

We are so thrilled with the training program. It is like a miracle to us. This is the only way to train your dog.

Linda S.

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