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June 10 2008

Great results -- no physical punishment involved- good for pet and owner. It will be hard for Mac not to be "Top Dog" anymore.

Alesha K.

June 10 2008

We have a much calmer dog and will be recommending Bark Busters because the techniques work.

Mary S.

April 21 2008

I learned how to introduce Bailey to others without someone getting hurt. I also do not believe in hitting a dog, so I greatly appreciated the training where I learned how to correct him without being physical. It has created a stronger bond between my beloved Bailey and me. Thank you, Ken, for your guidance, understanding and patience.

Char K.

March 7 2008

The training techniques are easy enough that my seven year old corrects me when I forget what to do. Caddis responded to the training in the first session with issues and behaviors that we had been struggling with her for years. We liked the non-physical approach and had fun putting the training to work with Caddis.

Bruce & Cheryl M.

January 23 2008

I have never seen Moose so responsive!. It was like magic. Ken did a great job of explaining what we needed to do.

Zak & Lynn B.

January 18 2008

At the end of the training I had a new understanding of my dog and we communicate much more clearly now. The training experience was interesting and I enjoyed seeing all the progress everyday. Thank you for taking the time to help us out!

Grand Rapids, Michigan

January 14 2008

The program and trainer are awesome! Easy and effective techniques that actually work!

Marilyn L.

January 12 2008

Our dog has really changed. He is actually a joy to be around. Ken was very good. He was easy to talk to and the whole experience was enjoyable.

Hastings, Michigan

December 5 2007

Very professional. We have a "new" dog in our home since Ken & Lynne came to our house. We are very pleased!

Jennifer K.

November 9 2007

Ken & Lynne did an excellent Job!! I would recommend them to anyone who needed help training their dog!

Julie S.

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