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November 8 2007

Thanks, Ken, for making me a better dog. Who says you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. If I had known that the training would have been so easy, I would have had my "owners" call you soon...Twitch the Schnauzer.

Debbie & James H.

November 7 2007

The program really works, well worth the money. Ken did an excellent job and really enjoys the training.

Arvid K.

November 1 2007

Aurora, because of her past experiences, needed a slower and easier approach- Ken adjusted quickly to her needs. Aurora now looks at me anytime I talk to her or say a command and then obeys right away.

Prudence P.

October 10 2007

Our dog, Paladin, was very responsive to the training. It was everything we had hoped for.

Jim B.
Grand Rapids

October 3 2007

Bark Busters has made our household a more enjoyable living space. We noticed results almost immediately.

Michele W.

September 8 2007

We were at the end of our rope and out of options--the dog had to change or had to go. We were pessimistic about training as we had tried numerous other training techniques and nothing had worked but thinking of getting rid of Ferguson put us in tears. After just one visit, we had a different dog. After two weeks, not only are we happy, but our dog is happier as well. It is now a joy to go for walks. Ken and Lynne took all the time needed to make sure that we understood what to do and also why we were doing it. Bark Busters saved us our dog.

Kevin D.

August 11 2007

We were amazed at the quick response. Gus responds very well to the training techniques. I believe shelters would not be filled with dogs if people learned Bark Busters behavior training.

Jim & Kim C.

August 2 2007

It works!!! It is consistent in every situation.

Samantha M.

July 23 2007

Ken explained things in such a way that it gave us a great understanding of how Emma thinks and why she reacts the way she does. It made sense. The directions and instructions were very easy to understand and follow. Thanks for the great experience!

Kim S.

July 21 2007

Training is very straight forward, easy to follow. Between the verbal commentary and visual guidebook, everything was relayed very thoroughly. Marshall showed improvements and a willingness to be trained immediately.

Brandon D.
Byron Center

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