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July 1 2007

I noticed quick results with drastic changes. I was very surprise at the effectiveness of the Bark Busters techniques. I have seen big changes in Kodi.

Leslie B.
Grand Rapids

June 21 2007

Photo of Lorri Medlin's dog

If it weren't for the training we got through Bark Busters for our small mutt, Bailey, I don't know what we would have done with her. She was a stray who had trouble understanding and learning to trust people. Thanks to Bark Busters, Bailey is a great dog that know loves people. Bailey and my daughter have started doing 4H and Bailey is happy and enjoying it.

Lorri Medlin

May 7 2007

I see definite changes in my dogs and I am pleased with the results that I have seen.

Jennifer K.
Grand Rapids

March 13 2007

Noticed results right away. Ken & Lynne are nice and easy to work with.

Kerry H.

February 23 2007

We saw immediate results. We are very happy with the results we have seen so far. Wally's demeanor has changed, but his personality has not! He is so much more manageable and enjoyable. We can even have guest in our house with out embarrassment.

Chris & Anne F.

January 27 2007

I was amazed at how quickly the dogs responded. I had tried everything to get them to stop jumping on doors and people and within 1/2 hour they were changing that behavior. I was very pleased with the non-physical training techniques. The result was good behavior without breaking their spirit and good nature. I realized I have been giving a lot of mixed signals to the dogs and need to work on that. I have already made recommendations to two friends with dogs. I felt Ken & Lynne were very knowledgeable and professional and are obviously passionate about dogs.

Cheryl M.
East Grand Rapids

December 11 2006

Thank you very much; we are very happy with the results.

Melissa B.

December 1 2006

A learning experience for us. It is interesting to see your dog respond to the training -- enjoyable because he does. Max seems more relaxed and looks to us more-seems to use his eyes, asking "what is next."

Tony & Marcia N.

October 29 2006

I was surprised at how quickly Cody listened. He is a very stubborn dog. I actually looked forward to playing ball with him at the end of the "first" lesson.

Barb B.
Grand Rapids

October 11 2006

Ever since the first visit, Bailey has been a different dog. I had Bailey for four months and he was totally unruly. Now I am enjoying him.

Eleanor D.

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