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October 4 2006

Ken & Lynne took their time and made sure we understood everything before proceeding. It made it that much easier to follow the correct procedures when the actual training started. The results were amazing. Our dog continues to respect us, his leaders, and his bad behaviors have not returned at all. We love Bark Busters. They made our "out of control, not knowing what he was to do" dog into a perfect angel that we are able to communicate with and enjoy. We are enjoying him even more as the days go on.

Dr. Holly C.

October 1 2006

It is a miracle, to be sure. I never would have believed that the chaos of 3[dogs], including a puppy, could be changed at the end of one lesson. We have already recommended you to others.

Linda G.

July 29 2006

Great results, easy to remember. Very thorough in explaining, patient with my husband and me when we did not understand something.

Rachel P.
Grand Rapids

June 11 2006

Thank you for teaching us to speak and understand canine. "Noticeable results" at the end of the lesson is an understatement!

Dave and Kristen S.
Grand Rapids

May 8 2006

Bear had made significant improvement with in an hour after the hands-on training began. Jim & I are very pleased with the progress Bear has made. Bear has gone from being a dog we thought we would have to get rid of to a dog that has become part of the family.

Marci S.

April 26 2006

We were extremely impressed with how quickly Kramer responded to the techniques. We have already recommended you to others.

Craig and Kathy M.

March 21 2006

It is unbelievable how well the training worked in such a short time. Our puppies have turned into little angels.

Melonie I.

December 24 2005

It was very helpful to learn about the group dynamics among our three dogs. It helped us in our approach with each one. Our dogs are coming along very well and we are much less frustrated with them. Bark Busters also helped us prepare our dogs for our new grand-baby. They were awesome.

Pat V.

December 19 2005

I have been so pleased at the results of your program of training. I feel this is really emphasized to me when I compare Bark Buster's training to the training of a previous dog-using food and harsher methods. This works so much better and is more pleasant. Also it helped me "think" like Wilson or at least understand what he is thinking in order to train him. Many, many thanks... I tell everyone.

Laura W.
Cedar Springs

August 20 2005

After Bark Busters, a lot of our friends are no longer afraid to come over as George is a different dog. He no longer barks at guests or steals our food. He is just a great dog.

Steve & Jennie V.
Grand Rapids

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