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September 30 2011

I first meet Leigh Ann a little over a year ago when we adopted 2 rescues-Wolf and O.B. I now have 6 dogs-all rescues. The last 2 I just got from Turkey and they are both girls. Leigh Ann came today and helped with my, until now, only girl CoCo (who is NOT happy about the additions). CoCo is already a better girl and Leigh Ann gave me advice about dealing with all the dogs and the new girls. We might actually survive-THANKS Leigh Ann!

Charlene McCuller

September 13 2011

Photo of Linda Kay Williams's dog

Leigh Ann was very easy to understand. I absolutely observed noticeable results by the end of the training. Was I pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters? Yes, yes & yes! My dog needs much love - not harsh discipline. I have more fun with Jojo than ever and we are growing closer every day. Leigh Ann has taught me to really enjoy my dog!

Linda Kay Williams

September 5 2011

Photo of Sandra Iasiello's dog

Leigh Ann's presence made it much easier and Betsy responded quickly. I'm impressed with the noninvasive techniques. I found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. It was all that I expected. I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. The ongoing availability to restore/readdress new challenges as time and changes come about is priceless.

Sandra Iasiello

September 5 2011

My two girls, Lorelei (8 yrs.) and Lily (5 yrs.) have not always been friends and would sometimes get into fights. The last time I came home from out of town they tied up 3 times in 13 hours with Lorelei and me getting hurt. That was the last straw. My veterinarian recommended Bark Busters so I gave them a call and a visit was scheduled a few days later. Leigh Ann knew right away what the issues were with the girls and training started immediately. I noticed changes within a day and was amazed how well the program was working. As the weeks progressed so did Lorelei and Lily and I was so pleased with their progress. Leigh Ann did an awesome job in training me to be the pack leader and now, if the girls get into scuffles, which they have a few times since the program ended, I 'bah' and they stop. They know who's boss. Oh, one more thing...my vet is very pleased that I highly recommend Bark Busters that she and her associates will definitely recommend them, too!

Linda Friedlander

June 27 2011

Photo of Heather's dog

Leigh Ann is a Blessing! My dogs still have a ways to go to be "angels" but I have seen so much improvement in their temperment and minding me when I tell them to hush! I have three dogs that Leigh Ann is helping me with. Gabbie, Cassie and Penny. Penny is the most head strong and Leigh Ann has helped me see her in a whole new light. The girls love working with me and I love working with them! Thanks Leigh Ann!!!


April 19 2011

Photo of Christie Sloan's dog

We observed noticeable results by the end of training. Some of the barking subsided! Walking on a loose lead improved. We were pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. Positive reinforcement is very important to us. We had a good time this afternoon (we shared doggie life stories). We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. It's expensive, but worth it for problem dogs. We are very pleased with Leigh Ann Falconer. Thanks!

Christie Sloan

January 2 2011

What a joy! Leigh Ann's expertise and genuine compassion have made training our standard poodle puppy easy and fun. I think she almost has us trained too (that was her biggest challenge)! We thoroughly enjoy our training sessions with Leigh Ann and fully believe they are helping us have a happy, well-behaved 4-legged member of our family.

Richard & Jane Delarber

December 15 2010

Photo of Justin & Jill Haglund's dog

Leigh Ann explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand and gave helpful tips when we were doing thing incorrectly. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training-very much so. The dogs were pulling a lot less on the leash. We were pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. The verbal positive reinforcement, "bah," and water squirter are amazing and much better than treats. It was also very interesting to start to learn how dogs think. We would recommend Bark Busters to any friends having behavior problems with their dogs and even those that don't! Thank you!

Justin & Jill Haglund

November 1 2010

Photo of Autumn Barnes's dog

Leigh Ann was great and she makes me excited to train my dog and see results.

Autumn Barnes

October 28 2010

I was at my wits end with my dogs-I have 6 dogs, all rescue dogs and all with different personalities. Leigh Ann was called and she explained the process and I followed it and the results were simply amazing. My newest addition, Ginger, a young shepherd, and my lab had a violent issue and were trying to kill each other literally, I was residing myself to the fact that the shepherd would have to find a new home but I had to give her one more chance so I called Leigh Ann and in just a short time I have 2 dogs that went from trying to tear each other apart to 2 very happy dogs that now play in my living room and sleep wrapped around each other. I have 2 more that I am working with now using the same techniques i learned from Leigh Ann. My basset and my border collie have an issue and I am working with them now. I am simply amazed and grateful for seeking help from Bark Busters; it is totally humane and very gentle to the dogs and the behavior has changed dramatically. Thank you Leigh Ann-you are amazing.

Bruce Minder

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