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April 28 2010

Maril explained everything with a very easy and well-thought-out presentation. The training worked immediately and is easy to reinforce. Maril was flexible with scheduling-BONUS!

Eric Crimmins

April 28 2010

It was easy to understand. I could follow through very easily. Mollie follows and understands much better than before training. It is a natural training without use of electronic collars. Once you understand the way of training, it becomes easier. You can see the change in the dog quickly.

Mary Dolisio

April 28 2010

Excellent scores in every aspect of the training. We had fun and learned a lot as a family. Close family have already noticed a difference. Thank you!

Nicole Kchikian

April 28 2010

Maril was wonderful to work with and gave us so much confidence that Bode would be less anxious and happier. We saw results in the first week. We know that the training is just as much for us as for Bode. The more we put into it, the more it works! Simple as that! We have a way to go but are SO thankful for the results so far! Thanks Maril!

Mindy & Oscar Tache

April 20 2010

Excellent scores in every aspect of the training! Maril helped me understand the way my dog thinks and how he tries to dominate me. Hooch started to listen and understand by the end of our first lesson. I liked that nothing was forced or uncomfortable for Hooch. Maril provided lots of helpful tips to correct. She showed us how to make corrections, and coached us when we were doing wrong. I'll recommend Bark Busters to clients that come into our clinic (Caputo Animal Hospital).

Catherine Trimuph

April 7 2010

Excellent in every category. The training worked very fast with my dog. I like that the training is non-physical. I work for a veterinarian and would recommend Bark Busters to all dog owners that have problems with their dogs.

Cheryl Jones

April 7 2010

I felt like I was learning from a friend. Maril did not talk down to me or make me feel like I had done something wrong. The results were immediately noticeable, and as long as I keep doing the training, the better Lindsay gets. I liked that there was no spanking or locking the dog away. Excellent in every category.

Effie Williams

April 7 2010

The training is effective in a short amount of time. It also gave us a better understanding of our dogs. I like this much better than the "treat" reward method. "Excellent" rating in every category.

Dr. Wallace & Laura McGhee

February 23 2010

Maril-Great job! The principle problem I wanted to handle was the quietness (less barking) and teaching the puppy not to be on the bed when 2 persons are in the bed. (He is 83 pounds and very big.) This was affected the first 2-5 days! After 10 days the crate was removed, and he happily sleeps in his own bed on the floor. Magically he now counts the people in the bed! When there are two he now goes to his own bed. If there is one in the bed, he enjoys naptime on the bed, which is exactly 100% what he was supposed to learn. I believe this home training to be way more effective than any other type of dog training. This really deals with the undesirable behavioral situations. I have recommended Bark Busters to my friends because it works!

Ursula Kellman

February 17 2010

I would like to start this by saying that I have worked at Patterson Dog and Cat Hospital for the past four years at the front desk and have always owned dogs. Maril and Bob came and did an inservice for us, and I was very impressed with them and had them come out to help me with my newest dog, a three-year-old German Shepherd named "Pepper." Pepper was a rescue that had been with our family for two years, and he was so ill-behaved. It was almost impossible to take him for a walk, he would jump and try to get to any other dog that would walk by us. He pulled the leash to the point that my arm would hurt. When we had company, he was rude and jumped on anyone that came through the door. Pepper also had the bad habit of crowding me at the door when he wanted to go out, and he would race me up the stairs, which was so dangerous for both of us. He would always whine constantly, which was very upsetting. Maril came to my house and started to train me on how to talk to my dog, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Pepper no longer does the constant whining for attention; he is calm and relaxed. The techniques that Maril and Bob teach are so easy to learn and the results are immediate. Just a few minutes a day for a happy, well-adjusted dog is thing of beauty. I enjoy Pepper so much more and look forward to many happy springtime strolls once I get the leash training down. I cannot say enough good about Bark Busters and their training techniques, which doesn't involve treats or threats or any kind of punishment. I would also like to thank Maril for taking the time to explain things to my husband, who wasn't quite on board with the training until he spent some time with her. Thank you, Maril, for training my husband as well!! Is there anything you can't do???!!!!

Terry Todzonia

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