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April 12 2013

Patrick's explanations really helped me understand the Bark Buster process. Bark Busters makes sense and is very humane. The Bark Buster method is an incredibly helpful technique. I knew I needed to be the one to change, I just didn't know how to get to that point. Bark Busters got me there quickly.

Jodi Hynes
Fort Myers

April 8 2013

Bark Busters is very interesting and easy to understand. Bark Busters delivered amazing results! The method is so simple for myself and my puppy. Patrick Logue is a very pleasant, helpful, informative, professional and very good at training.

Kay Ames
Cape Coral

April 2 2013

Bark Busters WORKS! It was amazing how quickly my dogs responded. I've never been able to have the front door wide open without my dogs running out. I am pleased and impressed. With Bark Busters I could feel in control and not be physical with my dogs like with other trainers I have used. We worked for a good two hours, but time flew by. I recommend Bark Busters of Fort Myers because it works, the techniques were easy to learn and my dogs responded even after Patrick left. My family now feel comfortable with my Bruno, a Pit Bull, and aren't suggesting I get rid of him anymore.

Julie Cole
Bonita Springs

March 31 2013

I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone interested in a new life with their old dog. I saws great results in one, two hour lesson. Bark Busters is about positive reinforcement and very natural for the dog.

Joe Cannizzaro
Cape Coral

March 31 2013

Patrick explained everything in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I saw a big difference in just one, two hour lesson. I will tell everyone I know about Bark Busters.

Helen Normandin
Fort Myers

March 26 2013

Patrick with Bark Busters was very good in explaining the techniques. Our dog is a tough nut to crack, but with Bark Busters I know he can be trained. Patrick helped us and Jordan started to improve right away. I trust Patrick and Bark Busters. They are a friendly company.

Angela Roncek
Cape Coral

March 26 2013

The Bark Buster method seemed too easy. We noticed results immediately. We like the non-physicality of the method. We were pleasantly surprised by the results and the overall training experience. Anyone who has discipline issues with their dog will be relieved for such an easy fix.

Alicia & John Miller
Fort Myers

March 26 2013

Patrick's demonstration of the vocal tones was clear and the dogs responded immediately. I observed results quickly. I took my dogs to a friend's house the day after our lesson. My friend asked if I had them on Valium. My home is now peaceful and quiet. I love being the leader.

Samantha McCormick
Cape Coral

March 20 2013

Amazing! My dog and I have learned to respect each other and I learned how to communicate more efficiently.

Kristin Davie
Fort Myers

March 14 2013

I was amazed at the front door exercise. Bark Busters of Fort Myers helped me to understand the way a dog communicates relative to a human. I learned some new things and saw things in a new way. Bark Busters of Fort Myers is friendly with great results.

Tiffany Rosciti
Fort Myers

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