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March 27 2012

Excellent! 5 Out of 5.

Linda Stephenson

March 27 2012

The visual aids were helpful in the presentation of the method. Our 6 month old Pug was learning to keep pace and not pull on leash. Taking a canine, versus a human, approach only makes sense. Canine behavior management is a useful way of improving the pet / owner harmony.

Stephen & Diane Layton

March 24 2012

Within the first few minutes my dog, who barked for 6 years at everything or at nothing, no longer barked or ran out the front door when someone arrived. Ten days later she barks much less and will get in he chair when someone comes to the door. She also has stopped barking at me when I go outside for a few minutes. Bark Busters training works. PERIOD!

Martha Shaw
Fort Myers

March 22 2012

Bark Busters: It Works!

Ginger Reeves
Bonita Springs

March 22 2012

Excellent. 5 Out of 5.

Nancy Banfield

March 21 2012

Excellent! 5 Out of 5!

Dorothy Farrington
North Fort Myers

March 14 2012

It was quick, fast and no nonsense.

Barbara Goodall
Bonita Springs

March 14 2012

The explanations were clear and easy to follow. Leash training results in 20 minutes, this is amazing. We are so glad there were not lists of commands to remember. Bark Busters provides simple techniques that my dog and I both understand. The training experience opened my eyes to mistakes that I was making and did not realize. The results were instantly noticeable and the method was easy to understand. Patrick, our trainer, took the time to clearly explain the cause and effect of behavior and gave wonderful advice on correcting the issues.

Stephen MIller

March 14 2012

We absolutely saw results with our two dogs, a Miniature Pinscher and an American Eskimo, within one, two hour lesson. Patrick is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Mike Debreceni
Lehigh Acres

March 12 2012

Bark Busters makes training your dogs look easy.

Debi & Steve Vickers
Cape Coral

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