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September 30 2011

The techniques explained made sense from the dog's perspective and a human perspective. My dog, an Italian Greyhound, was no longer jumping up by the end of the session and the techniques really got his attention. Bark Busters provides a good training experience with steps that are easy to follow. Bark Busters really helps you work with your dog in a way that is more natural to the dog.

Lisa Prasad

September 27 2011

Excellent! 5 Out of 5! We saw noticeable results with our dog within just one, two hour lesson.

Susan Fahs
Bonita Springs

September 26 2011

Great job by Patrick and Bark Busters! It was a very interesting experience. Patrick is a great guy and task oriented. We saw noticeable results with our barking Bichons in just one, two hour lesson. We recommend Bark Busters.

Mary & Bob Nies
Fort Myers

September 26 2011

I liked the simplicity of Bark Busters. The method is easy to follow and understand and my Morkie, Annie, responded well. She now understands that I am the leader. I recommend Bark Busters.

Beverly Frazier

September 26 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters did an excellent job explaining the Bark Buster methods. I saw results with my Izzy, a Bichon / Poodle, by the end of the 2 hour lesson. The techniques are easy to understand. I recommend Bark Busters.

Shirley Shaffer
Cape Coral

September 15 2011

Excellent! Patrick Logue is an excellent dog trainer. We saw immediate results and noticeable improvement with our puppies within one, two hour lesson.

Vin & Diane Eastburn
Fort Myers

September 4 2011

Patrick Logue and Bark Busters are great!

Elizabeth Beyer
Fort Myers

September 4 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was knowledgeable and the results were immediate for several things. Ella, my Golden Retriever, needs work with leash pulling, but with Bark Busters and their techniques, we are on our way! Time flew during the two hour lesson and I absolutely saw results by the end of the lesson.

Kristie Reschke

August 22 2011

We called Bark Busters because of a referral from a friend. We would recommend Bark Busters to someone we knew who needed help. We tried another training method with little to no results. Our dogs responded quicker in the 2 hours we spent with Bark Busters than the 6 weeks at PetSmart. It was a different approach and thought process than anything we tried or read about previously. Patrick Logue was very thorough explaining the importance to think canine not human. Our dogs responded in one, two hour lesson. Both dogs looked, listened and responded to the training techniques. Patrick's explanation of the Bark Buster method was easy to understand and he answered all of our questions.

Karen & Gary Thies

August 16 2011

Patrick was great! In just one, two hour lesson we saw results. The results were shocking and exceeded our expectations. The training techniques used by Bark Busters were pleasing and very surprising. The Bark Buster program is wonderful! The lesson was a fantastic experience. Our dogs are behaving and we are truly enjoying them. Our vet recommended Bark Busters and we'll definitely do the same. We were always jealous of people with well trained dogs, now we know their secrets.

Jim & Lani Benafel
Cape Coral

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