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August 11 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was very pleasant and presented the "Aussie Way" in a way that was easy to follow and understand.

Leslie Velazquez
Cape Coral

August 11 2011

Excellent. 5 Out of 5!

Christopher & Suzy Farr
Bonita Springs

August 11 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. The approach to train me is so much more logical than training a dog. Mattie, my Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy, already, after just one, two hour lesson, I see her willingness to behave. Patrick has a good sense of humor and is honest and logical. Bark Busters is a little costly, but my dog and my training are an investment in my well being for many years to come...an investment well worth the money.

Judy Dorsman
Fort Myers Beach

August 11 2011

I am extremely pleased with the program and how it is going to improve both my life and my dog's life. I was very excited to see Tobey become a new and more obedient pup, so much so that I couldn't wait to continue the training. The training techniques are obviously effective, well developed and meant to be humane. Tobey responded so quickly and well that I could not help but be impressed. Patrick Logue is obviously very experienced and was extremely good at tailoring his explanations to topics I could relate to.

Karen Mann

August 2 2011

I just wanted to share with you how well Guido (the big rott from FL and WI) is doing. He really listens and has finally learned the back leash (after several corrections, he is still stubborn after all). He has been wonderful with all house guests. He has been great around my granddaughter. My daughter got married last weekend and we had a house full of strangers. He seemed to enjoy all the chaos and just sat calm as can be in the middle of all the preparations and strangers running about. I was very proud of the dog you helped us to mold. Thanks so much for ending my stress and frustration, and giving Guido a life we can all enjoy. Also, my newly married daughter is planning on adopting a shelter dog in the coming weeks and I plan on sharing all my Bark Busters knowledge with her.

Sal & Corinne Dimiceli
Cape Coral

July 28 2011

In less than a week we have already made huge gains. Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was timely, polite and knowledgeable. By the end of our first lesson, the dogs were off the bed, couch and minding their new front door manners. They were even walking much better while on leash. I liked that I didn't need to be mean to the dogs and the training doesn't rely on treats. I found I had to train myself more than my dogs!

Kelly & Rich Chechilo
Fort Myers

July 27 2011

It's amazing how much owners affect our pets negatively through no knowledge of how to "act" like a dog. I was surprised about how easy the Bark Buster method was and how easily my Pickles, a lab mix, took to the method. Within one, two hour lesson Pickles made noticeable improvements. Patrick Logue with Bark Busters did an outstanding job. I would recommend Bark Busters and already have!

Tom Stephens
Lehigh Acres

July 27 2011

Excellent! 5 Out of 5. Results after one, two hour lesson with our Jack Russell Terrier puppy.

Adam McGarry
Fort Myers

July 27 2011

Patrick Logue, my personal dog trainer with Bark Busters, explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Teddy, my American Eskimo, was paying attention to me, not getting into things or jumping...he was also walking properly on leash by the end of the lesson. I really liked not having to touch my dog to discipline him or bribe him with treats like so many other training methods that I've been taught. I learned a lot about how dogs think and communicate. I recommend Bark Busters because the method works! It is easy to understand and the results happen quickly. On a follow up note, my lesson took place on a Friday and 4 days later I was practicing walking with Teddy tonight and a random stranger said, "that's a really well trained dog!" Thanks Bark Busters and Patrick Logue.

Erin Chittum
Fort Myers

July 27 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters did an excellent job with our little Boston Terrorist Marlie. We saw noticeable results. Patrick is our hero! We were just amazed and happy with the natural training techniques. We were quite amazed with the results and found the lesson to be interesting and enjoyable. We already recommend Bark Busters to our neighbors. Patrick Logue was very professional and explained the why's and how's very well. We were totally amazed at the results in 2 hours! AWESOME JOB PATRICK!

Nancy & Rick Reid
Cape Coral

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