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April 7 2011

We have had several trainers and classes for our dog, none of which were successful. Bark Busters is the first one that worked! We are not fond of "treat based" training as it never worked for our dog. The Bark Buster approach is a different approach that we can really do. We learned a lot during our two hour training lesson. After just one lesson we have already recommended Bark Busters to our nephew in Cleveland. Bark Busters was worth the money. I think we'll have a much happier dog and a happier us!

Linda & James Spotz
Bonita Springs

April 7 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was excellent. He was clear, patient and responsive to our questions. The Bark Busters method is simple and easy to understand. We saw noticeable improvements with our dogs which lasted after Patrick left our home. We are looking forward to the continued results and am confident it will work and Bark Busters can help.

Rodena Marley

March 16 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was patient and positive. I was surprised and pleased by the natural training methods used by Bark Busters. What a relief to be walking with my dog instead of him walking me!

Jeanette Hanny
Fort Myers Beach

March 16 2011

Ambar, my Labradoodle, immediately responded to the Bark Busters techniques.

Dr. Marilyn Paterson
Cape Coral

March 16 2011

Photo of Lee & Mike Scott's dog

Patrick Logue was excellent! I would recommend him and Bark Busters to anyone.

Lee & Mike Scott
Cape Coral

March 16 2011

We saw immediate results with our dogs using Bark Busters methods. Patrick Logue was fun to work with.

Mary & Jim Hart

March 16 2011

Our dogs are 5 and 6 years old. They have always been barkers. In moving to Florida our dogs' behavior had become more aggressive. Our dogs would bark and attack anyone that walked by the house or even came into our home. We would lock them up when anyone would enter our home. One night, our neighbor stopped by and our grandson opened the door where the dogs were. They bit our neighbor. We knew something had to be done about our dogs' behavior. We love our dogs, but we even thought about getting rid of them, things were out of control. My husband went on the computer to find the right trainer. We do not believe in shock collars or abusive training. My husband found Bark Busters. Patrick Logue our trainer, truly has been a miracle worker to our two dogs. He is very knowledgeable and has taught us the skills to help our dogs act civil when company comes over to our home. The other day I was in the yard talking to my neighbor and looked down to see my dogs were next to me and NOT barking at my neighbors. I could not believe it! Thank you Patrick Logue and Bark Busters for transforming our dogs. It truly is a miracle. I never thought this could happen.

Bob & Regina Landers
Lehigh Acres

March 12 2011

Patrick Logue is professional and the methods used by Bark Busters are extremely effective. Patrick is knowledgeable and patient. The techniques were effective immediately!

Mercedes & Brian Price-Harry

March 9 2011

Bark Busters makes sense!

Courtney & Rob Hoovis
Fort Myers

March 4 2011

I was utterly amazed the following day (after one, two hour lesson) when I took Missy for our daily walk of about 30 to 45 minutes. She has always been a puller and I dreaded the first walk after our lesson. But we did so well I could not believe she was the same dog! The following walks yielded the same results. I am becoming more confident. Our walks are very much more enjoyable. The Bark Busters methods were very pleasing. I don't like using treats because our dog is already a big foodie. Bark Busters uses praise!

Mary Ann & Bob Haragan
Fort Myers

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