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February 28 2011

Photo of Mike & Janelle's dog

Patrick has really made a difference in our home. As a mommy to be, we had concerns with our dog being too aggressive and controlling over our family. After 1 session, Bella has learned her role in the pack, as well we are confident in bringing home our baby to a safe and aggressive free home. We truly LOVED our experience and would recommend Patrick of Bark Busters to anyone in the area! Thanks Patrick!

Mike & Janelle
Cape Coral

February 25 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters of Southwest Florida is very patient with older clients. We saw noticeable results by the end of one, two hour lesson.

Patty & Bill

February 25 2011

Patrick Logue took the time to explain things. I found myself understanding my dog, Kellie, more throughout the lesson. Kellie responded very well to the natural training techniques. Kellie did not pull on the leash and listened to me. The training methods are very humane. Patrick was very entertaining when he explained how dogs train us humans. I actually feel like I understand my dog much more than I used to. I was able to see results immediately. I know that when I correct Kellie it doesn't hurt her like other training techniques out there (like prong, choke or schlock collars, harnesses or headgear).

Liz & David Breeding
Bonita Springs

February 22 2011

Our lesson with Bark Busters and Patrick Logue was remarkable. Our dog responded very well to the techniques used. Within one, two hour lesson, we saw noticeable results. The lesson was interesting and enjoyable and it made sense. We recommend Bark Busters because it worked for us. We have a dog now that we don't have to worry about. It is finally a pleasure instead of pure stress taking her for a walk.

Lynn & Rob Doty
Fort Myers

February 22 2011

Patrick Logue and Bark Busters took the fear I had and replaced it with understanding. Patrick had many great expressions and examples when explaining the natural, pleasing training techniques used by Bark Busters. We love the methods used by Bark Busters. The results are, AMAZING! We will absolutely be pleased to tell pet owners about Bark Busters.

Janna & Greg Holmes
Fort Myers Beach

February 20 2011

I have a different dog! Patrick Logue with Bark Busters Home Dog Training explained the pleasing, natural training techniques and they were very easy to understand, very humane and easy to do. Patrick is quite personable. Simply put, with Bark Busters you get great results with easy to understand techniques and quick feedback. I recommend Bark Busters.

Debby Workman
Fort Myers

February 17 2011

Our six month old Havanese, Charlie Brown, seems relieved that he is no longer in charge of our house. In one, two hour lesson, Patrick Logue and Bark Busters, taught us natural training techniques that gave us noticeable results by the end of the lesson.

Phyllis & Steve Moorehead

February 14 2011

If our Guido, a 5 year old, rescued, 125 lbs Rottweiler, can change his assertive ways, any dog can. We recommend Bark Busters and Patrick Logue because of the immediate change in our dog's behavior. Now everytime I see an unruly dog, I want to tell them to try Bark Busters. Our initial lesson with Patrick was two hours and time flew by, yet he held our interest throughout the session. During our training walk, Guido was much more attentive to us and not so distracted. The Bark Busters method makes sense.

Corinne & Sal Dimicelli
Cape Coral

February 12 2011

Patrick Logue with Bark Busters of Southwest Florida explained everything in great detail. He was very good with the dogs and with us. Within one, two hour lesson we noticed a difference in our dogs. Excellent!

Janelle & Mike Grenzy
Cape Coral

February 12 2011

Excellent! Patrick Logue with Bark Busters explained the natural, pleasing training techniques used by Bark Busters in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Unlike two previous trainers, we noticed results by the end of the training. The natural methods are pleasing and we found the whole experience to be interesting and enjoyable. We recommend Bark Busters!

Martin & Joan Shapiro

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