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April 11 2010

Patrick was especially patient and thorough with our children and adjusted to "their" level. He also has a great sense of humor. Chloe, our Chihuahua, responded very well. We appreciated Patrick's sensitivity to Chloe's needs. We loved the natural training techniques and are grateful for the "non-punitive" nature. The rational, "talking dog" approach makes so much sense! We recommend Bark Busters. Working the training expense into our budget was not an easy task, but well worth it! Chloe and our family are worth it! I appreciate Patrick's "no heavy pressure" approach. It made us feel comfortable and confident he was truly here to help and work with us. The remainder of the afternoon with Chloe was amazing. She remains responsive to our newfound methods of behavior. We are excited to go further, at her pace, with the Bark Busters program.

Eileen & Gil Luz
Cape Coral

April 1 2010

The training methods used by Bark Busters are very easy but direct and to-the-point. Lucy, our Havanese, resisted with just the first round of the front door exercise, but not again the rest of the lesson. She understood immediately what was to be expected of her. We learned a lot. The time went by very quickly, and we had to laugh because Lucy was such a good girl. Patrick created an atmosphere with immediate results. We are on our way to becoming leaders.

Jim & Anita Kaylor

March 30 2010

Excellent! 5 out of 5!

Lori & Hank Schmidt

March 28 2010

We really enjoyed Patrick's communication style: Clear use of anecdotal information and many examples. We absolutely saw results by the end of the lesson. We were able to walk up to and by other dogs without any barking or freaking out! The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are very easy to implement and practice. The training experience was great! Not too intense or pressured. We had time to ask a lot of questions. We recommend Bark Busters because it actually works, it's natural and non-physical, and how could you refuse a Lifetime Guarantee? We are so very thankful. Patrick is amazing and natural and obviously passionate and devoted to dogs.

Stacey & Chris Cook

March 28 2010

Money well spent! Bark Busters training was necessary for us and our dogs. The results are undeniable and noticeable. Patrick has great communication skills and was very easy to understand and relate to. Our dogs reacted wonderfully to the new commands we learned. The Bark Busters approach is unique and effective. It was wonderful to watch a change in our dogs' behavior right before our eyes.

Jason & Kelly Hunt
Fort Myers

March 28 2010

Patrick was knowledgeable and professional as well as patient.

Jim & Linda Darrow
Bonita Springs

March 28 2010

Excellent! 5 out of 5!

George Papageorgiou
Fort Myers Beach

March 28 2010

Excellent! 5 out of 5!

Chris Reese
Lehigh Acres

March 28 2010

I was very pleased with the immediate results achieved with the simple training techniques.

Mike Everett
North Fort Myers

March 17 2010

Bark Busters has provided great follow-up with phone calls and e-mails after the initial lesson. The results were miraculous! We could not imagine our 2 dogs could be trained to modify 3 problem behaviors in one lesson. The natural techniques feel a little funny, but the techniques are absolutely effective. Patrick was up for the challenge and engaged us to train the dogs properly. He proved that the Bark Busters method of training works and reinforced the method with us. I have raved about Patrick and Bark Busters to friends, neighbors and my own business clients. Upon reflection, the techniques make perfect sense, but without your help, we never would have figured it out. Most impressive!

Judy & Ray Ford
Bonita Springs

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