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October 3 2009

I am amazed! The natural, humane training techniques used by Bark Busters are so easy. I love them! Patrick is an excellent representative for Bark Busters. He made the training both interesting and enjoyable. He has a wonderful demeanor. Patrick's examples of the Bark Buster techniques proved Bark Busters works in a couple of hours.

Jane Pearson
Fort Myers

September 28 2009

Dear Patrick, we appreciate your kindness and expertise so much. Boo, anew rescued pup, is coming along slowly but surely. He is truly a joy. We want him to be a well behaved boy so we'll be calling you again soon. Thank you so much!

John & Jenny Davis, DVM
Fort Myers

September 26 2009

The Bark Buster training techniques made complete sense. I had several "a ha" moments and learned so much during the sessions. We targeted several behaviors that needed improvement and had immediate results. I have used the techniques everyday and they are working. I am seeing improvements already. Thank you Patrick!

Jennifer Green

September 23 2009

We saw results during the first exercise (front door training) and were able to duplicate the response. We were very comfortable working with Patrick and Bark Busters and look forward to our next lesson. Bark Busters' natural training techniques gave us very good insight into why our dogs were acting the way they were. The training tools have helped us start "the training process" for the more stubborn (of our two) dogs. Patrick gave great analogies and examples while explaining the training techniques used by Bark Busters.

Stephen & Amy Emerson
Fort Myers

September 22 2009

Patrick is wonderful. Not only did Patrick make the pleasing, natural training techniques used by Bark Busters easy to understand but he also worked with us to make sure we fully understood those techniques. Trixie, our Miniature Poodle, used to bark and jump on our front door and all over our guests. After just one hour, she would not attack the door or jump and bark on our guests. There is no reason to use physical force, like picking her up or grabbing her collar, with these techniques. We recommend Bark Busters because it works!

Carolyn & Charles Brinley
Fort Myers

September 20 2009

Bark Busters empowered me to understand my dog much better and in turn, through the Bark Busters training system, my dog is better able to understand me. Patrick answered all of my questions while explaining the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I observed and heard noticeable improvement by the end of the lesson. I am very pleased with the humane and easy training techniques. I am now able to clearly communicate with my dog - no mixed signals. I enjoyed the private, in home setting. I feel I was able to learn more in a one on one setting versus a group class. I would recommend Bark Busters because their method is easy to understand and the results are immediate.

Bernard Rugulo
Fort Myers

September 20 2009

Amazing! The demonstrations of the training techniques and visual aids helped make the lesson very effective. The results we saw at the end of the lesson were amazing. The training experience was interesting, enjoyable and very informative.

Bill & Maureen Jefferson
Cape Coral

September 20 2009

We were amazed by the immediate improvement in Buddy, our Boxer. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Once the reasons behind the various techniques were given and the demonstrations were done, everything seemed easy and obvious. Patrick did an excellent job teaching us and we are very happy with the results.

Jay & Carrie Gittings
Lehigh Acres

September 15 2009

Patrick was wonderful! He responded to all of my dogs (Binki, Ziggy, Pooky and Chewey) and even remembered all their names, I can't even do that! Patrick has a great sense of humor and obviously enjoys what he does. I really liked the "no punishment" natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. All of my dogs were noticeably more respectful of me by the end of the initial lesson. Patrick explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. He even rephrased the techniques when I did not "get it," in I way that I did "get it".

Jill Ricker

September 15 2009

Amazing! We are so happy with the tools (training) Patrick and Bark Busters provided to us. Patrick has a terrific, warm personality that put us at ease. We told our vet how wonderful the experience was. Bark Busters far exceeded our expectations.

Jodi & Jeremy Barras
Fort Myers

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