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November 14 2008

Patrick was able to give clear examples of the "how" and the "why" the techniques work. At the end of the training, Patrick drove away but he made a u-turn and drove by our house and honked his horn and using the techniques we were taught the dogs (a Maltie-poo and a golden retriever) did not bark. Using the Bark Busters techniques is very simple and there are no collars that need recharging. I am very comfortable with the natural training. The training experience was wonderful. It was a relaxed atmosphere and very interesting.

Antoinette & John Devin
Bonita Springs

November 5 2008


Jim & Barbara Davison
Cape Coral

November 3 2008

Patrick was very clear with his explanations and reasoning as to the "whys" for these [Bark Busters] techniques. Did we observe noticeable results by the end of the training? We cannot believe this is the same dog! Not only do we have a better-behaved dog, he even seems happier. It is very clear to see these simple yet meaningful techniques are useful for both people to use and dogs to understand. We enjoyed seeing the transformation in our Boomer [cocker spaniel / cavalier King Charles spaniel mix]. I already have recommended Bark Busters. Patrick is very kind and respectful of us owners and our dog.

Karen Wademan
Fort Myers

November 3 2008

Patrick was excellent.

Peter & Lori Johnson
Fort Myers

October 22 2008

Patrick explained the pleasing, natural training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training session, which was interesting and enjoyable. We recommend Bark Busters.

Jill & Todd B.

October 22 2008

This system just makes sense. It is easy to understand and to implement and the results were instant. Patrick was wonderful! Very clear, very funny and used excellent comparisons to make us understand everything. We absolutely observed noticeable results by the end of the training lesson. We were surprised at how quickly our dogs (3 of them) responded. We never "punish" our dogs and were happy that this technique was natural. Patrick was informative and really took an interest in our concerns. He was great! We could not be happier! Thanks!

Laura & Mike Goldfinger
Cape Coral

October 21 2008

I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. Patrick explained the natural, pleasing Bark Buster training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand.

Kelli Schmidt
Fort Myers

October 20 2008

Thank you so much, Patrick. We were at our wits' end before we called you. Patrick was wonderful and patient with us. Our dog, Australian Shepherd / Border Collie Mix, wasn't barking at passers-by, which is a miracle! Patrick explained that training was not and should not be punishment. We found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. We learned several new techniques. We recommend Bark Busters. The results were and are amazing! We're on our way to having a new, relaxed, trained and well behaved dog. Thanks!

Jill & David Cofer
Fort Myers Beach

October 20 2008

Patrick was effective and entertaining, gave an extremely good presentation and the transformation was AMAZING.

Ellen & Mike Elleman

October 15 2008

Excellent examples and clarification when explaining the training techniques. Both dogs, two puggles, already exhibited definite behavioral changes. It's great that the techniques did not cause pain to the pets. My husband and I were very impressed with Patrick's presentation, and we are happy to refer Bark Busters.

Patty & Garrett Gardi

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