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April 14 2010

Photo of Ralph & Janis Neely's dog

My wife, Janis, and I, were at our "wits' end." M&M (papillon) was barking all the time, so Monarch (Lab mix) was also. After one lesson, the barking was 80% gone. Monarch was very aggressive toward other dogs. Things are 200% better, and both dogs are a pleasure to walk and be around. Rebecca has a GREAT way of communicating with us and the dogs. And last but not least, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to get great results.

Ralph & Janis Neely

November 25 2009

My client recommended Rebecca for my renegade Labrador! I saw a huge difference after the first session and after a few months of de-throwning him, he is beginning to see me as the Pack Leader. We still have quite a ways to go, but with Rebecca there to guide me on, Brody will become the best dog ever!!

Deb Newberry

June 28 2009

Photo of Brian Heatly's dog

Rebecca taught my wife and I a few simple techniques for our dogs (Cooper and Andy) to learn from us as the new "Pack Leaders". Within six weeks, we went from out of control dogs barking non-stop, chewing things in the house and being aggressive towards other dogs, to walking/running with the dogs by our side, sitting at attention when we ask, and paying attention to the "Pack Leaders." Our dogs really took to this approach.

Brian Heatly

May 4 2009

Rebecca has been great to work with and really listens and understands the issues we're dealing with. Since moving to Dallas recently, our 2 dogs have had difficulty adjusting and developed frustrating barking and aggression issues. With simple techniques we've been able to immediately resolve barking and loose leash walking issues. We're very encouraged that Rebecca will help us get Macy and Bailey to a calmer state of mind; they've already shown great improvement with only 3 sessions.

Dave & Melinda

November 2 2008

Photo of T. Pointer's dog

I love the idea/concept of body language and tone of voice. I learned so much. I understand that I have to change my techniques. I am already so pleased with Bear's results. I appreciated the time Rebecca spent with us. I feel like she is easy to contact.

T. Pointer

July 1 2008

Photo of Jennifer R.'s dog

Simple techniques with great results.

Jennifer R.

July 1 2008

Photo of Julie M.'s dog

I'm amazed how well the techniques work! It has made walking with Chloe an enjoyable experience for the first time! Rebecca was wonderful!

Julie M.

June 28 2008

Rebecca really knows her stuff. She was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Powerful differences; change in our Nika's behavior was immediate. My eyes are now open to the language of the pack. Thank you!

Maria & Joe LaBate

June 21 2008

Photo of Wynn & Chris C.'s dog

Our puppy is now the sweet dog we always knew he was. The difference is simply amazing. He went from being stubborn and bitey to a dog we can have around friends with no worries. Thanks so much!

Wynn & Chris C.

June 12 2008

Photo of Molli E.'s dog

Everyone with a dog can benefit from this program. I like it's common sense, loving approach. I like having a better understanding of the dynamics in our home between our family and our dog -- very helpful!

Molli E.

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