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March 19 2007

Our dog was walking by us on a leash at the end, instead of pulling us along. I have told anyone that comments about needing training.

K. Crowe

March 8 2007

Rebecca made it very easy to understand. She was very patient and made it fun! The results were incredible. We were so excited. It was like having a new dog. I love the fact that this program is done with positive reinforcement! We learned so much from the training. We were amazed at the results we saw immediately. I have to admit, I was very skeptical that this would work. I thought Riley was too far gone for anything to work. I would highly recommend this training.

C. Holloway

January 23 2007

Rebecca was very patient with thorough explanations for each topic being taught. Sadie was already responding well by the end of the session. I found the natural training techniques effective and simple and can be applied in a variety of circumstances.

P. Wortley

January 6 2007

Rebecca gave me hope!

Glenda Wilson

December 4 2006

Benjamin is sitting, staying and coming. Rebecca is delightful, wonderful to work with & my dogs love her. She is absolutely amazing and thorough!

Linda Trbovich

December 2 2006

Rebecca explained everything thoroughly and completely. Jaxon was much more attentive and cooperative by the end of the training. I never thought it would be so simple. Before training, there were a few things I thought I was doing correctly but realized the negative affect from them. I would highly recommend Bark Busters to as many people as possible!

Rafael Villegas

November 2 2006

Rebecca really made it easy for me to understand! I needed training in the worst way! I can't believe it... Bosley is doing great -- noticeable change after a few hours. We had so much fun!

Aimee Reiners
Dallas, TX

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