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May 2 2008

Photo of Miranda Haedge's dog

Dasheill was already walking better by the end of the afternoon. It's not complicated and it works. It's worth it to me because it provides me with the skills I need to train any dog I may own. It doesn't require a lot of extra stuff like treats, etc. to be effective.

Miranda Haedge

April 19 2008

Photo of Barbara & Harvey G.'s dog

We are in the midst of training a 6 month old puppy. Our trainer, Rebecca Jones has been excellent. She is giving us the kind of support that she promised. Our Welsh Terrier needs a lot of training. We always have someone to call when our pup displays another objectionable trait.

Barbara & Harvey G.

January 14 2008

This was an incredible experience! Mocha is a different dog!

Nicole Kelley

January 14 2008

Results were immediate!

Tiffany Simays

December 28 2007

Photo of Christy & Jarid C.'s dog

Still getting used to the "Bah" in public but we do it because it works! Rebecca has taught us how to lead our two Weimaraner puppies and make them happier and less anxious. We are very pleased with the progress we have made in such a short amount of time! It is so easy to understand and it works!

Christy & Jarid C.

December 9 2007

Rebecca brought her own personal experiences with her dogs, which helped illustrate certain training techniques. Tahoe was showing results very quickly. We saw the transformation from a dog who had challenged our leadership to one who displayed signs of submission. I was pleased that Rebecca offered some basic "classroom training" for us before launching into the exercises with our dog. It was helpful to learn the basics of a well-balanced diet, exercise, etc., and how they were interrelated.

Sam and Licia Kamler

July 19 2007

Absolutely amazing approach which yields results. Rebecca is wonderful - so positive and encouraging. She made a believer of me.

Carol Whalen

May 18 2007

Rebecca Jones was amazing - what a difference - she is a wonderful trainer. Rebecca was easy to understand and follow - so glad I found her!

Gabriel Sorrells

May 8 2007

Rebecca is a wonderful trainer! she trained us on how to train our dog. Thank you so much for your help - this is the first positive change we have seen in our dog.

B. Milligan

April 29 2007

Affordable and convenient and great training experience. Rebecca is great! Explained everything so well & was patient with me and Banky.

C. Gale

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