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10 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

10 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

With October being "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month", here are some great reasons to adopt not shop! read more…

Do Visitors Ignore Your House Rules for Your Dogs?

Dog behavior is best when a schedule is followed and ruls are consistently enforced. Could someone be undermining your efforts?s  read more…

Facts About Rabies Every Dog Owner Should Know

Facts About Rabies Every Dog Owner Should Know

Did you know there are 55,000 deaths worldwide due to rabies? Let's do everything we can to prevent this viral disease. read more…

Back to School Tips For Families with Dogs

As you prepare the family to go back-to-school, don't forget that your dog will have adjustments as well. read more…

Three No No's of Pet Communication

If you're tackling dog training on your own, here are 3 dog training tips you want to embrace. read more…

Kids and Dogs Driving You Nuts This Summer?

You probably have a full and fun house this summer between the dogs and kids. Let's keep everyone safe. read more…

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