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Bark Busters Introduces WaggTagg™, A New Free Lost Dog Finder

Bark Busters Introduces WaggTagg™, A New Free Lost Dog Finder

Don't take any chances ... if your dog runs away or gets lost, the WaggTagg can help find him. read more…

Does Your Dog Have an Itch for Spring?

Some dog itching is normal ... when it becomes constant, you need to look at the underlying causes.  read more…

What Are You Telling Your Dog Without Meaning To?

Do you give your dog mixed signals? Tell him not to beg at the dinner table, but sneak him food? Read on ... read more…

Think You Are a Responsible Dog Owner? Better Make Sure!

February is Responsible Dog Owner Month, giving us time to reflect on how well we really take care of our dog. read more…

Why People Don't Train Their Dogs - and Why They Should

Whether you are going to train your dog yourself or hire a professional dog trainer, you'll be happier inn the long run if you stick with a training regime. read more…

The Proper Way To Walk Your Dog

Walking your dog correctly will make it a more enjoyable experience for you and him/her! read more…

How To Walk Your Dog Properly

Walking your dog is great exercise for both of you, and can help keep the pounds off. It will also help with mental and physical stimulation, beneficial for helping resolve other behavior problems. Many dog owners have issues when they try to walk their dog or they don't walk them at all, because

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