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The GameChanger™ By Bark Busters-An Amazing 'Gamechanger' in the World of Interactive Chew and Treat Toys

October 5 2015

Does your dog have separation anxiety or get easily bored? The Game Changer can be a real "game changer" in his life!  read more…

Four Ways to NEVER Correct Your Dog

September 29 2015

When your dog misbehaves, it is important to correct him. However, there are some dos and dont's to good dog training. read more…

Could You Be Annoying Your Dog?

August 30 2015

Could You Be Annoying Your Dog?

If your dog could talk, he would probably say that sometimes you annoy him! read more…

Are You a Responsible Dog Owner?

August 30 2015

Anybody can be an ordinary dog owner ... we want you to be an extraordinary one! read more…

Is It Time For Your Dog To Go Back To School?

July 30 2015

With the kids going back to school, it might be a good time for you and your dog to tune up any bad behaviors. read more…

Preventing Back-To-School Doggie Blues

July 30 2015

Kids going back to school? Remember it's an adjustment for your dog as well! read more…

Fourth of July Safety Tips

June 28 2015

Fourth of July Safety Tips

The Fourth of July can be fun but scary for your dogs ... just make sure it is a safe holiday! read more…

Max May Be This Summer's Box Office Hero, But the Belgian Malinois is Not a Breed for Everyone -

June 15 2015

Before you fall in love with the Belgian Malinois featured in "Max", read these important tips about the breed. read more…

Take The Bite Out of Your Dog

May 20 2015

Dog bites are all too common, especially among children. Here's some tips to help keep everyone safe. read more…

The Dog Gone Truths About Canine Influenza

April 30 2015

The dog flu continues to spread across the country. Here's some important facts to know to protect your dog. read more…

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