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Max May Be This Summer's Box Office Hero, But the Belgian Malinois is Not a Breed for Everyone -

June 15 2015

Before you fall in love with the Belgian Malinois featured in "Max", read these important tips about the breed. read more…

Take The Bite Out of Your Dog

May 20 2015

Dog bites are all too common, especially among children. Here's some tips to help keep everyone safe. read more…

The Dog Gone Truths About Canine Influenza

April 30 2015

The dog flu continues to spread across the country. Here's some important facts to know to protect your dog. read more…

Bark Busters To Exhibit At The Florida Veterinary Medical Association Conference

April 2 2015

If you're in the Lake Buena Vista area between April 9 - 12, stop by Booth 46 at the 86th Annual Florida Veterinary Medical Conference (FMVA). read more…

Don't Worm Your Way Into a Dog's Heart

April 1 2015

April is Heartworm Month ... learn how to protect your dog. read more…

Have a Blooming Good Time With Your Dog In the Spring

March 9 2015

It's almost time to start planting your garden and tending to your lawn ... be careful because many pet poisons lurk there! read more…

Bark Busters Introduces WaggTagg™, A New Free Lost Dog Finder

March 2 2015

Bark Busters Introduces WaggTagg™, A New Free Lost Dog Finder

Don't take any chances ... if your dog runs away or gets lost, the WaggTagg can help find him. read more…

Does Your Dog Have an Itch for Spring?

February 28 2015

Some dog itching is normal ... when it becomes constant, you need to look at the underlying causes.  read more…

What Are You Telling Your Dog Without Meaning To?

January 31 2015

Do you give your dog mixed signals? Tell him not to beg at the dinner table, but sneak him food? Read on ... read more…

Think You Are a Responsible Dog Owner? Better Make Sure!

January 31 2015

February is Responsible Dog Owner Month, giving us time to reflect on how well we really take care of our dog. read more…

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