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Back-to-School Tips for Your Dog

August 14 2014

Happy your kids are going back to school? The one person who isn't is your dog. Here's some tips to prepare him for this change in routine. read more…

Bark Busters founder, Sylvia Wilson is finalist for Pet Industry Women of the Year

July 15 2014

Bark Busters founder, Sylvia Wilson is finalist for Pet Industry Women of the Year

It has been announced by Women in the Pet Industry Network that Bark Busters founder, Sylvia Wilson, is a finalist for Pet Industry Women of the Year. read more…

10 Myths About Dogs

July 7 2014

Is a dog's mouth cleaner  than a human's? Are dogs that growl mean? Here's some Bark Busting myths about dogs!  read more…

Fourth of July Safety Tips For Your Dog

June 24 2014

The Fourth of July can be fun or scary for your dog ... here's how to make it safe! read more…

A Dog's Bite Can Be Worse Than The Bark

May 21 2014

May is National Dog Bite Prevention Month and Bark Busters wants to do everything possible to keep you safe. Read these tips so you're not a dog bite victim! read more…

Congratulations to Bark Busters New Haven, CT

May 19 2014

Congratulations to Bark Busters New Haven, CT

We love it when our Bark Busters dog trainers receive awards & special recognition. A special shout out to Richard & Vicki Horowitz who were voted "Best of New Haven" two years in a row!  read more…

Bark Busters Collar Helps Find Lost Dog

May 1 2014

If your dog has ever run away, you know the panic. Here is a success story about how the Bark Buster collar saved the day! read more…

The Best "Bah" Story From Bark Busters

April 27 2014

As many dog owners may or may not know, Bark Busters use a combination of vocal commands and body language to successfully train your dog. We have achieved worldwide popularity for our use of the command "Bah". See it in action! read more…

National Pet ID Week

April 11 2014

If your dog has ever run away, your heart begins to pound as you wonder if you can find him or he can find his way home. Hopefully he has a collar with your name, address and telephone number. However, 33% of pet owners admit that their dog does not have current identification. If you move, you have to remember to update your information! read more…

What Each of Us Can Do to Prevent Cruelty to Animals

April 1 2014

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Bark Busters is extremely passionate about rescuing dogs who have been abandoned or have behavioral problems that some dog owners can't overcome on their own. Animal abuse can happen to virtually any pets; cats, dogs, horses and livestock just to name a few. read more…

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