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Terri asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household

How to stop them from barking & jumping on guest.

Bruce asks...

This question is about: Other

When should I expect a refund or who should I send the papers from the small claims court?

Roxane asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

Why in the world would Wolfgang want to attack a sleeping cat? There are times Wolf wants to play, but the latest attack was so odd because the cat was sleeping minding her own business. We never let Wolf alone with the cat, but curious as to why all of a sudden. Thanks.

Phil asks...

This question is about: Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household

"I'm looking after my neighbors dog(an active female Australian Shepard puppy) and I introduced her to my pack by taking them on a walk in the park before bringing them in the house. I have an 8 year old calm female chihuahua/min pin mix named Ruby and an a"3 year old male puggle named Ringo. Ringo keeps trying to hump and dominate Princess,the Australian Shepard. Should I stop this behavior or let them hash it out?

Valarie asks...

This question is about: Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Separation Anxiety

I don't think this is purely separation anxiety, since it happens when we're in the same room with him sometimes. Phineas had been shown by the breeder and once he was finished (13 months old) he just spent his time with the other dogs in a farm-like setting. The breeder didn't really work on obedience, but he does know the basics. The problem is his interest in our laundry; clean laundry, dirty , folded, in the hamper, whatever. He mostly just likes to drag it into his space, but a couple of items have been shredded a bit. He's smart enough that I'm afraid he will figure out how to open the draws! rnWe just had him neutered and I was hoping that would help. He gets 3-4 good leash walks a day, and since we are both retired we're here with him most of the time. rnWe can certainly work at keeping things put where he can't get to them, but I'm afraid that he would then turn to other items that strike his fancy.rnAny suggestions?

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