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Bob asks...

This question is about: Recall or not coming when called Toileting


Kari asks...

This question is about: Toileting

I have a 7 month old, just neutered, husky puppy. He's getting better about most things but house breaking is a total nightmare. I am at the end of my rope and looking for help. I work full time and have a neighbor who lets the dogs out during the day. I also have an older australian sheppard who is fine. I've tried being patient, take him outside constantly, been to the vet to check for issues. Argh.

Ishita asks...

This question is about: Toileting Other

I recently adopted a laboratory rescue beagle aged seven. He's adorable, but has major psychological issues due to lifetime worth of confinement. Everything I know about dogs goes out the window with him. He scares easy, he doesn't bark, he's very picky about food, he doesn't want to step out of the house, he's afraid of touch, barely plays. I'm not complaining, but it's so darn difficult to train him- specially to step out and house break. Patience I have. Knowledge not so much. There are limited posts out there to help me with him. Do you have any suggestions to "make a dog" of the poor chap and how to house break him without confinement.

Kate asks...

This question is about: Puppy Management Toileting

I recently got a 12(ish) week old puppy and I've had her about a week. rnrnrnThe only problem I have with her is that she won't stop pooping in her crate. She has mastered peeing outside and hasn't had an accident in days. rnrnI am crate training her and the crate is the right size, just big enough for to stand up turn around and lay down comfortably. I have started feeding her in there the past few days as well but this morning she pooped on her food dish. At first I had a firm sleeping mat in there but after many accidents I've taken it out and now just have her on the bare floor. rnrnthe most frustrating part is she only poops in there immediately after shes been taken out. (she won't poop after being in the crate for an hour or two, but will go within 5 minutes of being put in right after she went out). She does poop outside about half the time and I always praise and give her treats when she does.

Marie asks...

This question is about: Other

Hello, this is in regards to my Boyfriend's dog. Let me start by saying, I am a total animal lover. I have a cat, my boyfriend has a dog. I have been with my Boyfriend for about 8 months now. We have a long-distance relationship (about 1 hour between us)...for now, we only see each other on the weekends, taking turns- I'll drive to his house and bring my cat (she's diabetic, so I have no choice) and he'll drive to my house and bring his dog. His dog is the sweetest- he has absolutely loved me from the beginning, and I love him right back. In the beginning, my boyfriend seemed to have comfortable boundaries set where in the short time we have together, I felt we were having a great time together, bonding, while "the kids" were comfortably there with us. But, over time, I've noticed an increase in my Boyfriend's focus on his dog in the short time we are together...for example, if we're having a night in at one of our houses, he'll sit on the couch and his dog is laying across his legs (as in, extending from his thighs, over his knees, to his feet). And it's like that, no exaggeration, EVERY single time we are relaxing on the couch. So there I am, uncomfortably trying to snuggle with my boyfriend while he prioritizes his dog's need to be Velcroed to him. Needless to say, it poses a problem to attempt any kind of intimacy, for example. The few times I lay in front of him (or vice versa), his dog is on the floor, right next to the couch, jumping up and down..anything to get my Boyfriend's attention. And my Boyfriend will stop everything he's doing to cater to his dog. I feel silly that this bothers me, and I probably sound jealous, but at the same time, I don't feel I am asking too much to set aside at least SOME time while we're together where my Boyfriend can just focus on us for a minute. I have no problem with the dog being on the couch with us, etc. but it's literally all the time, as I had explained. Also, the dog sleeps on the bed with us, which I am also OK with (it's not my favorite, but I deal). But my Boyfriend has tried to be intimate with me WHILE the dog was on the bed. At that point, I felt the need to say something. All I said was: I am not OK with with being intimate with your dog on the bed. Period, the end. Now, it's like, ever since I said that, everything has changed. If his dog tries to come near me on the couch (for pets, etc.) my boyfriend moves him and tells him to stay away and "not bother" me. It's like, because I spoke my mind about ONE thing, he took it that I don't want his dog around, ever. Which is so far from the truth. I've also said that it seems he took my one simple comment way too far, but my Boyfriend responded "well, he's gonna be here all the time, so you just have to accept it". That response had absolutely nothing to do with what I was getting at. I guess my question/dilemma is: am I missing something about "dog" people? I've had boyfriends before who owned dogs, and I've never experienced anything like this. Is there a proper way to approach my needs and requests where he'll see my side of things and not just take it that I'm trying to put his dog out of the picture? Why does he get so defensive and offended? This is just a small window in on what I "deal with"...just to give you an idea. There's more to it, but this sheds light on the situation.

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