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Jennifer asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household

My dog Dozer has been showing aggressive behavior since he was 9 mos old. We have a 7yr old pitbull as well. He would get food aggressive and attack our other dog. We now have corrected that issue by feeding them separately and secretly. He turned a yr in January and has seemed to have gotten people aggressive. He tries to attack when we are driving in the car. He also broke the fence to get to the neighbor and her dog. Luckily he just slobbered on the dog. My kids cannot walk him because he has gotten very protective of them and tries to attack other people walking. We just had him fixed a week ago and we are hoping this helps. Is this trainable? We need him to behave.

Rose asks...

This question is about: Other

Bandit is a good dog and we have had him since he was a puppy. Problem isrnwe are older and he has not been socialized and is scared to death of anything outside his back yard and us. I am certain he would bite if confronted and so this prevents us from taking him in public. We have a hard time trying to socialize because we both still work at 65yrs.rnWhat would be your suggestions to help him become more social in a safe matter? We love him and don't want to give up on him because this is not his fault it is ours.

Allyson asks...

This question is about: Toileting

I have a question that I'm hoping you will be able to help me with. I have a 10 year old lab mix that I've had since 8 weeks old. I've never had any issues with her having accidents in the house, and potty training was a breeze! She's not the issue... I was using her as an example of successful housebreaking. The issue is with a 5 month old puppy that I watch during the weekdays. He is constantly peeing in my house. Once in a while (and I stretch that) he will show me signs that he has to go out. I take him out about every hour, he pees. Sometimes twice. But he will come in to pee on my carpet 15 minutes later. Almost every single time. I always steam clean the area with diluted vinegar when he does it. I show him what he's done, and take him outside again. His owner tells me that she only takes him out about 4 times a day and he has not had any accidents in about a month at her house. So why is he doing it in my house?? I don't understand and I'm at my wits end; hesitantly thinking about canceling our doggy daycare arrangement.

Nate asks...

This question is about: Other

Good afternoon, we raised a male Lhasa Apso from a puppy. We were a military family headed overseas for about 2.5 years. We gave our dog Tanner to some friends with another dog and 2 young teenagers. We have returned from overseas and now near the family we gave Tanner to. Would it be a bad move to remove Tanner from the family we shared him with 2.5 ago. Our kids are grown and gone and we have no other pets... ???

Alexandra asks...

This question is about: Toileting

Hello, I have a Leonberger/Australian shepherd mix. We adopted him in Jan. 2016, he is 3 and 1/2 years old. Great temperament, calm, good with cats. we live in an apartment, and I provide adequate exercise (dog park, hikes, stimulation). At the beginning he was very submissive and would urinate or when he gets too excited he would leak but its gotten a lot better. rnBut the problem im facing right now is submissive urinating at a particular period of time. I hate leaving him in his kennel if its a beautiful day and im only going to be gone for an hour or so, there is no direct sunlight, I leave water and stimulants (treats, balls) outside on the balcony with him. But recently every time i come home and let him in the house he acts like he is in trouble and gets really low with his tail between his legs and walks around and urinates in multiple places. I have tried using a sweet voice when I open the door and tell him hes a good boy, I have tried not looking at him and just leaving the door open. I try to take him outside asap. I've even taken him out to use the restroom before i leave him for 30 or 40 minutes. I don't want him associating being left on the balcony as a punishment and i would hate to leave him in his kennel if im only going to be gone for a little while.

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