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Beverly asks...

This question is about: Hyperactivity

she wants in our vehicles but once we start to move she has a high pitch cry and keep making it in a talking sort of way. If the vehicle is parked and the door is open where she can get in, she gets in and won't get out will actually growl at you if you try to grab her, she jumps from back to front to try to get away from you. she is a rescue . I have tried treats, crating, behavior collar, short rides. Dramamine, per the vets suggestion 25mg doesn't seem to affect her.

Charles asks...

I plan to adopt a dog soon, maybe today. What is the price for having a dog house trained?

Kataya asks...

This question is about: Other

she is pregnant and and those puppies moving inside of her and she's sleeping heavy how long is it going to be until she has her puppies

Amanda asks...

This question is about: Pulling on the Lead Separation Anxiety Other

I have 2-3yr old Chi/Border Terrier mix that I rescued of the streets of Phoenix after he was hit by a car. He immediately took to me but was still scared beyond reason of me and especially men. He has since warmed up to women a little bit more but is deathly afraid of men. It took him months to warm up to my boyfriend and we just recently moved into a new house with a good friend of ours who is also male but of smaller stature (5"6) and has a female dog that Paul loves. However he has become increasingly more and more afraid of our roommate. Whom does not do anything to frighten Paul or harass him. It has gotten to a point where Paul is so paranoid and afraid that he watches the hall way and refuses to eat or move until he is behind a closed door with me or his father and knows our roommate will not come in. He has begun running from me and my bf and if you go to pick him up he urinates out of fear. I don't know if training will help or if I should seek medical management. I happen to be an ER veterinary technician and have the means for the medical management but it's not my first choice.

Jp asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Recall or not coming when called Other

So hear is the back ground story, 2 weeks ago my 10 yr old American Staffordshire grabbed my cousins beagle bassethound mix. I jumped on top and grabbe my dogs jaws. I was unable to get him to release while this event was going on. In the heat of the moment I bit him on the cheek and he released. I yelled at him and threw him into the car and took him home and yelled at him. Now 2 weeks later he has been acting distant. He well not play with my younger pit anymore. Any time she comes around he will growl and avoid her. She was present at the said event. I used to be able to gently nibble on my dogs neck to show him affection. When I try to do that now he will snip at me. I feel that I have lost his trust and bond. What can I do?

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