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Aline asks...

This question is about: Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Hyperactivity Pulling on the Lead Puppy Management Toileting

Hello rnIm interested in the training for my dog . now I live in Mexico City but I have a house in San Antonio and Im going to be there from July 2 to August 20 can you help me ?? rnI can't call you because from Mexico I couldn't make the call but if you can send me an email with the information I would appreciate it

Danielle asks...

This question is about: Separation Anxiety Other

Hi, Naavi is 7 years old and for most of her life she lived with me and my family with other dogs and a nice yard to run in. In March of this year I moved out of my house (over 500 miles away) and she came with me. She seemed confused at first and didn't eat much. She isn't around other dogs anymore and she spends most of the day with me and goes outside on a leash as we don't have a yard. My question is, we are planning a visit home and I would like to bring her with me. Would it be cruel to take her back to a place she knew and loved and was very comfortable, only to take her away from it again? Please help.

Molly asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Hyperactivity Other

I have had my pup since he was five weeks old and we found out he can predict when im going to have my seizures and knows what to do when im haveing one and has had no training for this but I would like to get him certified as a service animal but he has an eyesight problem so he barks at things he cant see untill he is close enough to them and even more when on leash I also. Have an implant that can help with my seizures if scanned over my shoulder I want to train him to do that cause I cant when im in my seizures

Angela asks...

This question is about: Toileting

I have two dogs and when I first got them I used dog diapers on both of them. One trained no problem and Maggie will not. I out them in diapers because I have a special needs child that has no communication and I don't want him putting his hand in pee then in his mouth. When I work or leave my home both dogs are in their own crates and I put Maggie in their without a diaper. She never messes in her crate. She is on a feeding and drinking schedule and let her out often. She chooses to pee in her diaper instead of outside and poops in the house and eats it at times. She does not give me any clue she needs to go out like her sister does. rnI hate to keep her in her crate all the time they sleep with us at night. She is a good listener comes when you call her but will not potty outside. What can I do.?

Molly asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Pulling on the Lead Recall or not coming when called Separation Anxiety Other

Why does my dog almost refuse to do any trucks in public? Also, when I reward her, she could care less. She won't take treats or anything from me but she will other people if they do the same thing as me...?

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