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Alexandra asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Puppy Management

My dog Canon is very unsure towards big dogs, we had some bad experiences at the dog park but he is overall very friendly towards dogs, super submissive, and very friendly with people. There is a 2 month old pittbull he loves to play with but before they can start playing for the hours that they do he growls and snarls at her once he first sees her. Other dog owners say it's a sign of aggression because he sounds so bad but he loves to play with her and she isn't backing away when he snaps at her. Should I be concerned with this behavior or will he eventually stop doing it?

Ashly asks...

This question is about: Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Puppy Management Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household Separation Anxiety Toileting

OK we recently found a black mouth cur we reached out to the owners and they don't want him bc he apprently always ran from home so we took him in he's a year old and has never been disciplined or had to listen to any one our first night he slept the second night well I found him on top of a table in my porch at 3am so I let him out but hes having a hard time with being in a collar and on a leash he lays down and wines then I let him back in and next thing I know he's howling and back on the table... I want to help this dog hes so sweet but idk how to go about helping him. I have a 4year old pit bull and he was trained quick he's amazing since a puppy he's only had one accident in the house and he was little then I'm afraid this new dog will take him back a few steps my pit bull loves other dogs and playing but this one idk if he's jealous of him or what it is but he has no intrest in him or playing with him and that's weird for me he's never been like that towards a dog help me please

Sarah asks...

This question is about: Recall or not coming when called Other

Lady learned from a friend's dog to chase cars up and down the 1/6 mile dirt driveway to our house. We've broken her of it for everyone except the owner of the dog who taught her the behavior, but he keeps looking at us to correct the behavior, even though he's up here when we aren't. Is there anything we can do to train her, or are our options to make him be more firm with her or kennel her all day (which I loath doing)?

Amber asks...

This question is about: Separation Anxiety Toileting

Hi, In the last couple of weeks we have had a couple of issues with our husky's stubbornness. He has been jumping up on the counters and stealing everything he possibly can. Last night, it was dinner! Items, food, doesn't matter. Disciplining him has been very unsuccessful. If I spanked him on his butt (not hard) he would then intern just do it again. Lately I have been crating him for a hour after doing something bad. A lot of this has been happening when we leave for work or other things going on. We do leave him in the house to roam around so he is not locked in a crate for 8 hours.rnrnAlso, we have been having some issues with him using the bathroom in the house, Peeing. I don't think he's getting enough water through out the day. But I try not to give him much before we leave or at night because we are not there to take him out! rnrnAny suggestions would help!

Robin asks...

This question is about: Other

we bought one of your GameChanger toys - but can't find food/treats small enuf to come out of the openings... can you give us any suggestions??

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