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Linda asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

I have tried several tips to control excessive barking. Both of our dogs are very protective and territorial. It is embarassing to have guests and my dogs continue to bark for the entire time they are here. Our chiweenie growls too and will snap, she does not make contact however. They are good with thoes they are familiar with.

Karry asks...

This question is about: Hyperactivity Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Puppy Management Recall or not coming when called

Can dogs get human illnesses, specifically chicken Pox, or flu, I know there is a dog flu, How do I deal with the issue of her feeling like another member of thee family who is sick is not paying enough attention to her

Courtney asks...

This question is about: Other

Please help my Dane won't leave my condo. I recently adopted a 2 year old Great Dane. She is a sweet girl and kind and gentle. Her first night here I took her for a walk after our car ride home. That went well except she pulled me. I made the mistake of not crating her while I washed dishes and she pooped on the floor. Later that night I took her out before bed and she freaked out. In order to get out of my building you must either use the stairs or elevator. I chose the elevator bc we'd used it earlier. When the door to the elevator opened she immediately ran in the other direction pulling me with her but got on the elevator anyway. When exiting the elevator she got frightened by another dog's bark and scrambled down the hall pulling me to the ground. At this point I probably should've just went back to the condo but I continued and took her outside where she was fine until we were approaching the entrance. She froze and started to pull in the other direction. I remembered I had treats in my car so I went to get them to see if I could lure her back in, that was a HUGE mistake. She got in the drivers seat and wouldnt budge, I had to pull her out of the car and I feel terrible about it but I felt like she wouldnt have come on her own. We make it to the door where she becomes visibly anxious so I calm her down and im able to bring her back up. This happened 4 days ago and since then she won't move once I put a leash on her. I've tried the easy walk harness but it didn't help her pulling so now I have the halti head harness. She lets me put it on and she doesn't claw at it and she isn't able to pull me but she gets to a certain point where she just stops and won't move. I know I shouldnt pull her because it'll just make her pull back. What can I do to help her go outside. I'm getting nervous that she will never feel safe enough to go out. She isn't able to get the exercise she needs so she whines at night when I crate her. The whining is getting better but the not walking is what worries me. Can you offer any advice for my situation?rnrnThank you,rnCourtney

Lindsay asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

I have a lady I work with that is having some health issues and is no longer able to take care of her dog. Her name is Bella and she is 4 years old she is the sweetest dog never growls bitten or showed any signs of it they have had her since a few weeks old and have spoiled her rotten and loved her unconditionally! So she made the decision to give her to me because I'm a big animal lover! The biggest dog she has ever been around is a yorkie! I have a German shepherd who is 3 and wouldn't hurt or scar a soul she loves all animals kittens, ferrets everything! I've never even heard her growl! So I kept our German shep in cage and let Bella the new dog smell and look around house for an hour! I put my German shep on a leash and they met there fine get along alright but not playing together yet but I know that will change when Bella gets adjusted so I gave them both bones to chew on the German shep are hers and Bella had hers in cage Josie the German shep tried to take it out of cage with her in it and they got into little fight little bit later I was cleaning her cage out and she as in it I tried to grab her bone she growled and bit at me! Then a few hours later I was going to bed and I went to lock her cage and she as in there I went to pat her on head tell her goodnight and she snapped at me again! Her bone wS sitting there to! And back track the other day I had my 8 month old son sitting in chair with me and she jumped up and was on other side my son reached out to touch her and she snapped at him! But other than that she is loving she cuddles with me sleeps with me sometimes licks on me loves on me wags her tale! It just scares me bc my son is 8 months old and I don't want him to grab something from her as he gets older and get bitten! Our German shep is so loving Jase can put his hand in her mouth and she wouldn't do a thing she honestlyrnIs the best dog. her previous owner was shocked when I told her this said she has never done anything like this! I'm hoping she is just adjusting and scared and that's why she is acting this way! She

Samantha asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

I'm writing from red hook brooklyn where I have met the love of my life and the only problem we are having is with our dogs! My 4 year old female and his 6 year old female collie mix just cannot get along! I've tried walking them together and at a point it started to work, but then a treat was involved and they nearly killed each other! We are desperately searching for advice on getting them to amicable place so we can live out our future together, with the pooches we love...

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