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Michele asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Puppy Management Separation Anxiety

I need immediate help or advice for my pup. He has an extreme case of seperation anxiety. When I first got him if i even left him in a room for 2 seconds, he would poop and pee everywhere, really the exact moment I left the room. I was visiting with my mom for a bit with her other 2 dogs and he seemed to be a lot better but boy was I wrong. I just moved to Montana from out of state and I recently started a job. My first job is an overnite paper route. I only did 2 hours tonight (midnight to 2 am) so i thought he would be fine here. Bought him toys and big raw hides that he safely chews but when I got back I walked into a disaster that took me an hour to clean. Not only did he poop and pee on every inch of the floor he squealed at me from the moment i got home until an hour after. No other animal i have ever come across has made noises like this dog. He will squeal really loud like a pig and even grunt really deeply like a human. When he gets this bad and when i finally acknowledge him he starts shedding like crazy. I dont act excited, i know its good to stay calm and not really acknowledge him until ive been home for a little bit but it doesnt help. I feel so bad for him and im so stressed because I have to work now. I really do not believe this has to do with leaving his previous owner. He was clearly underfed when i got him and when i picked him up he ran right to me, jumped into my truck, never looked back, and seemed so happy. He would never do that if someone else were to take him from me. This pup can not be without me. When i first saw a picture of him I knew 100% he was my dog and that he needed me. I literally felt sick waiting for the guy to get back to me and I was right. We were clearly meant to find eachother. I want to help him so badly. He also has problems with other dogs. Any dog big or small, he freaks out and starts sqealing, hes so afraid. Sometimes if i get the tennis ball out and throw it, he becomes distracted and the dogs are best friends, but not everytime. Please any advice would help. I can also give more information. I need to help this pup.

Carol asks...

This question is about: Recall or not coming when called Other

Thank you so much for considering my ?. I have trained my 21/2 gsd for obedience and although she does really well with commands she tends to take her good ole time doing them! Sit, down, come, heel - all she does but alot slower than she should be doing them. Any suggestions?rnAgain, thank you!rnCarol 🐾

Casey asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Other

My Vizsla Hershey is very friendly. Once he gets to know someone he can't love them enough. However, he has a problem when on off leash walks or at the park. When he is on leash he is a little hesitant of strangers coming up to him but he doesn't bark. When he's off leash- he is fine seeing other people on the path but if they walk close to where he is he runs up to them (at first it looks like he's excited, even happy while running up to them) and then he starts barking at them like crazy. When I run up and try to grab him he runs to the other side of them, like he's having fun. I think part of him thinks me running up and trying to get him away from the stranger is me joining in on the "game" so what may have started as barking out of fear, has been reinforced and is now fun for him, but I'm not sure. It's so embarrassing, it doesn't happen very often but when it does I feel like a horrible dog owner. Do you know if this sounds more like fear aggression or do you think he's just playing? I'm taking a class on being a dog trainer right now so I feel even worse that I can't figure this out. Thanks

Katrina asks...

This question is about: Other

Last night my friends and I had our annual Halloween Party and this was the 3rd year I brought my dog Marley. She knew everybody there, was really friendly until this man named Reese showed up. She had been around this person before and was just fine. That night every time she was around him, she would bark, growl, and the hair on her back would be standing up. One of my friends told me he was recovering from a rock climbing accident and was probably on pills. They also told me he has been doing other drugs, possibly pot or cocaine. I have had Marley ever since she was 7 weeks and I have never had a problem, she has been the sweetest dog EVER. When this happened she never tried to bite Reese, but made sure he wouldn't come near me. The only thing I could think of is that she could smell the drugs he has been using. If so, could she have a possible future of sniffing out drugs?

Rebecca asks...

This question is about: Toileting Other

when my dog is with me he has no accidents in the house but when he sees my roomate he pees on things. i think its out of dominace but how do i stop this

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