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Donna asks...

This question is about: Other

This is a weird question but I was walking my puppy and my puppy didn’t want to walk so I carried her and some stranger near my neighborhood that I never seen before-asked what breed my dog was ? I answered politely starting talking to him but than he insisted and asked me if he could see the leash. I declined and said no I’m sorry as I said no he got angry and cursed and said it’s just a f word leash. as a new puppy owner what can I do about people trying to pet my puppy or possibility trying to steal her because he looked very suspicious and it was a super strange encounter. My puppy seems to be very friendly but I am scared people will want to steal her and I’m paranoid about it.

Jacob asks...

This question is about: Toileting

my puppies crate is in the room with us at night but whenever we let her out she seems to always pee in the bedroom. Even when we have let her outside it seems that this is the room she always uses the bathroom in. What should we do?

Kelli asks...

This question is about: Other

We are learning sit and she backs into her sits so is too far behind on the heal sit when stop and too far away in front for come.

Lukas asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

We had 2 dogs: Bosley, 3 yrs, pitbull. Gemma, 9 months, mut, herding dog, had her since she was a puppy (she's been with bosley her while life). Bosley is obviously the leader there... No problems at all... rnBosley is the typical pitbull, amazing to humans, other dogs? Not so much. But because Gemma was so young, we didn't have any problems. rnOur family friend had this Pit named August and our friend was dying of cancer, she passed away and we added a thin, lean, Pit bull named August to the group. rnIt took an hour or 5 to get her to be around the other 2 without bad growling and barking from both sides. But we did it. 1 week passes, and we have a really bad fight. Like, growling foaming, etc. We have been able to break them up, but it has happened multiple times since. We are about to get rid of her but, we want to give her a chance. I feel as if August and Bosley are having a power struggle kinda. They're trying to see whose gonna lead the pack? I don't know. What should I do to stop these fights and make sure that they can be around each other without having a thought in my head that one of these fights is going to get ugly. rnIt has only happened around me and my mom, never when they're alone or around my father or sister. Just us. rnThey also do not get as much excercise as they should. We are trying to fix that.

Courtney asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household Other

My boyfriend has 2 adult American Pit Bull Terriers, 4 yrs old. They are brother and sister and have lived together their whole lives. I came into the picture about 4 months ago. There were never any issues up until about 3 weeks ago. The male is very hyperactive, attention seeker, needy and playful. The female is laid back, independent and has more of a timid/shy personality. Basically they are complete opposites. The male is used to getting most of the attention however since I have been around they both have been getting attention. As of lately he seems to be struggling with "sharing the love". He has started displaying dominant behavior towards his sister and acting out more than usual. Nothing towards me or my boyfriend though, just to her. He will not let her eat out of the food bowl, any time she goes to eat he runs and pushes her out of the way blocking the bowl. We tried to separate food bowls but he still will leave his to go eat hers. When we take them out to go potty he waits for her to go then he makes sure to urinate on top of hers. He constantly is staring her down and even when we try to avert his attention he still continues. The other night she was coming out of her kennel and he jumped on top of her and they ended up getting in a little tousle. She refused to come out of her kennel the rest of the night after that. Any time she is getting attention he comes up and pushes her out of the way or if we are on the bed he will walk on top of her. If she does not walk away he will continue to push and the longer this has gone on he has started nipping at her neck and legs. At first he only displayed these behaviors when my boyfriend was not around and it was just me (he is still worse when it's just me). But now he has gotten more bold and does it around both of us. He's definitely more pushy with attention seeking, wanting to play with his rope, making sure he's ALWAYS next to one of us especially if she is near, he's been whining and "talking" a lot more when he isn't getting what he's wanting. The female does not act aggressive, dominant, provoking nor retaliate in any way. She is very timid as I said and any sign of a raised/stern voice sends her running. Any situation that makes her the slightest bit uncomfortable, she will leave and usually go hide. When he gets in trouble she feels and acts as if she is too. Even if we are reassuring that she's okay.rnSo we don't know:rn1. How or where to even begin in correcting/disciplining his behavior. rn2. How to do this in a way that won't affect her and play into her already timidness.

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