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Ellie asks...

This question is about: Other

My dog refuses to eat her food. We've tried different dishes, different kinds of food, putting a few treats in it, anything we can think of. She just balks and refuses to eat until we spend forever coaxing her. She often refuses until we put it away and bring it back later. However, she often decides to try and eat the other dog, Lucy's food, even though they get the exact same thing at the same time. There's no alpha-dog interaction going on, no fighting, she just doesn't seem interested in what's given to her, only what others have, including people food.

Sarah asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

Good morningrnrnI have an American bulldog (Boof), he is 7. We got him about a year ago so we haven't had him since a pup. rnBoof is a placid dog, loving, affectionate, does not beg , listens, although he gets very snappy.rnThere has been a few instances where he has snapped at people, including myself. rn1st incident , we had a few people over ( We always say dont pat Boof, just ignore him until he comes to you )rneventually Boof did come to my friend, and she went to give him a pat and he bit her. He knew straight away he shouldnt have as he tucked his tail between his legs and ran away. My friend had to go to the after hours clinic to get a tetnus shot , but all were superficial wounds.rnthe 2nd incident was my housemate was play fighting with him , and he bit my housemates hand - I took him to the vet as I noticed hes been snappy lately , he had an ear infection so obviously he wasnt in a playful mood as he was in a lot of pay.rnand 3rd - He was laying down on the bed with me and my partner, he had his paws on me and i went to get up so i moved his leg ( barely moved it because he bit me before I got the chance to so i know it didnt hurt him) . He bit me on the hand and locked on ,then ran away after. I had to go to the doctors they gave me a tetnus shot , and anti biotics as it was an open wound to my handrnrnIm not sure where this is coming from ? He has never bit my partner however, and he has snapped at me a few times, I walk him, feed him (as does my partner). I dont trust him being around my nieces as they are young and he tends to snap out of no where . Im sure there are warning signs but they must be pretty fast as its not like he growls or buts his ears up - He literally goes straight for the bite. rnrnAny help would be appreciated

Ashley asks...

This question is about: Other

I have consecutively been pregnant for the past 2 years pretty much, and ever since the birth of our son which started out as a home birth, and escalated to an emergency csection (which resulted in a lot of fireman and ambulance people wheeling me out of our home) our one dog Tonka yelps like he's abused when my husband moves. He does it some times with me, when I don't verbally warn him that I am moving and hes sleeping. Tonka could be across the room from my husband and if he stands up Tonka Yelps and runs to his kennel. We have never laid a hand on him, don't use bark collars and barely use leashes type of pet owners. So I don't understand where this is coming from. Im obviously pairing this with maybe being in our home during my labor was traumatic for him. But this has no become a frusteration to my husband who goes above and beyond to take time and show Tonka extra love. But he will even yelp when my husband pets him on one of Tonka's bad days.... I don't know what to do besides more love? But with baby no.2 on the way I cant have it get worse.

Jessica asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

Scruggs is very friendly towards people and most dogs. When he was a puppy, he was friendly towards all dogs, even if they were aggressive towards him. He comes to work with me everyday and so he is very well socialized; more with people, but he encounters several dogs daily on our walks downtown.rnWithin the last few months, he has started showing aggression towards some dogs, and 90% of the time it is if there are 2 dogs together or if he is playing with a dog and a new dog approaches. He will bark and growl (he's usually a very quiet dog). Occasionally, I take him to Doggie Day Camp and the staff tell me that he is fine with all the dogs-- plays well and doesn't bark. Except one time when he was playing with a dog and then a new dog came in and started playing. The staffer told me she squirted him with a water bottle and he stopped barking at the 2 other dogs. rnSo I would like to use positive reinforcement (generally how we train him) to let him know that it is not acceptable to bark and growl at other dogs. Is this crazy? My husband thinks it's fine, but since he is in public so often, I'd like to curb the growling and occasional snarling. If he would just meet the dogs, he'd like most of them. If they are mean to him, that I can see him being upset, but that's not usually how it happens. rnI just don't want this behavior to get "worse" in the coming years. He still gets along well with most dogs and I'd like that to continue, rather than decline.rnAny advice would help. He's such a sweet boy and I hate having to "drag" him away from other puppy-gatherings because he's being aggressive.

Athena asks...

Hello my name is Athena and i am looking in to a dog training school, and i was wondering how well and how much need there are for do trainers in the vancouver area.

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