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Judy asks...

This question is about: Toileting

I have my puppy since he was 3 weeks old and is 7 months. I cannot house break him. Pease I need help!!!!

Tillie asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Puppy Management Other

My puppy will not quit biting, snapping at, and chewing my arms and hands. I have done everything I can find: bitter cherry spray on my arms, yelping and leaving the room when he bites, telling him no, redirecting to a toy, etc. Nothing helps. He bites my legs when I leave the room, and chews my feet when I re-enter (so i leave again and it happens all over). He is breaking the skin, and my arms are covered in cuts. I don't know how to handle this.rnHe is getting fixed in 3 weeks, once he has his booster shots. Could this be the problem, that he's not fixed yet? He only does this to me, nobody else, so I didn't think at first that it was testosterone aggression, but now I'm not sure.

Briana asks...

This question is about: Toileting

My husband and I have 2 miniature poodles, Mochi (4 yrs) and Nori (9 mos). We started training them to use a litter box inside 4 months ago. Mochi uses the litter box without fail, however Nori only uses it when she knows we're watching. We praise her ecstatically and give her treats when we see her use the litter box, but when we're asleep or away for a few hours, she will urinate and defecate anywhere and everywhere in our apartment. How do we get her to only use the litter box?

Nancy asks...

This question is about: Toileting

We recently adopted Dolly from the humane society shelter. They indicated she had been left inside all day and thus urinated and deficated once daily inside.She has been with us for about a month and the problem is becoming serious. We have a pet door and she uses it to come and go if I let her out. She has a terrible problem if she is approached inside and immediately urinates where ever she is. I have had the vet examine her and found no problems. My question is how can I make her more comfortable when we approach or even talk to her. She is very sweet and I want her to be a happy part of our family.

Ed asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks

sweetpea is a rescue dog. she is hostile around other dogs to the point of attack. we live in a townhome area of orland park and nearly all homeowners have dogs.....she has attacked a couple dogs in the question is will she beable to be socialized to other dogs at her the vet she does not behave this way....i took her to my brothers outside of her territory and she attacked his female little dog. the rescue society said she cannot live in the house with another dog because she has attacked other dogs in the foster care home....please advise if there is anything that I can do and if you can help???

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